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Commercial Bank of Kuwait launches virtual banking system powered by TrueConf

Commercial Bank of Kuwait launches virtual banking system powered by TrueConf

The Commercial Bank of Kuwait has deployed TrueConf’s video banking system to connect 68 remote bank branches with its headquarters and enable communication between customers and call centre agents.

The traditional bank branch as we know it, with managers and tellers huddled in cubicles working on desktop computers, is due for change.

The rise of digital technologies marks the reinvention of traditional banking operations and the advent of the smart branch, which utilises technology to boost sales and improve customer experience.

This new approach transforms the way a bank branch operates, reduces queues, lowers real-estate requirements and alters customer interaction.

The Commercial Bank of Kuwait has started to adopt the smart-branch model by creating a flexible and cost-effective virtual banking system that would allow remote consultations via video kiosks and touchscreen PCs with connected headsets.

The system utilises the TrueConf Server, a video conferencing software server. TrueConf’s premises-based solution operates in LAN/VPN and guarantees secure data storage and transfer, which is a strong requirement for the financial organisation that handles sensitive personal information.

With TrueConf client applications installed in video kiosks, the bank’s clients can directly contact remote call agents and solve their issues online. To maximise consultation effectiveness, operators are free to use collaboration tools to share necessary documents with clients.

The virtual banking system enables easy communication between clients and call centre employees. More than 100 kiosks were installed to connect bank branches with the headquarters, while daily remote consultations are enjoyed by more than 1,700 clients throughout the country.

Customers testify that queues at the branches were drastically reduced, while a branch visit became a more enjoyable experience.

“Thanks to TrueConf, we managed to deploy a budget-friendly video banking system that did not require complicated software, big-ticket equipment or large-scale developer support. By implementing TrueConf solution, we improved our quality of client service and optimised business processes with reduced costs,” said Bader Qamhieh, Head of the IT Department at the Commercial Bank of Kuwait.

“Video conferencing technology holds the key to the branch of the future,” said Dmitry Odintsov, TrueConf CBDO. “We are proud that TrueConf video conferencing helps create a new operating model for the bank branch, boosts real-time customer engagement and delivers radically improved, inspiring customer experience.”

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