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Qatar Innovation Week: Celebrating the value of future technologies

Qatar Innovation Week: Celebrating the value of future technologies

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Qatar Innovation Week is celebrating the value of future technologies.

The three-day event, which runs from November 25 to 27, will explore opportunities in AI and 5G Technologies in Qatar and host world leaders in one of the world’s biggest economies.  

The three-day comprehensive innovation festival will centre on three separate technology events in a row that include the World 5G Show, the World AI Show and the Industry 4.0 Masterclass by Henrik von Scheel.

These are all designed to usher Qatar towards producing world-class AI applications in areas of national interest.

Mohammed Saleem, the CEO and founder of Trescon, said: “Qatar is the first nation to launch the 5G network commercially, and with the 2022 FIFA World Cup that is set to take place, it is the perfect time to create a platform that can drive opportunities for new businesses based on AI and 5G technology.

“Qatar Innovation Week will support the Qatar National Vision 2030 by bringing together governments, AI solutions providers, renowned international experts and foreign investors to strengthen the nation’s infrastructure capacity.”

Qatar is reinvigorating its AI-enabled infrastructure to accommodate the massive influx of visitors.

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