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SANS survey shows evolution of Cyber Threat Intelligence

SANS survey shows evolution of Cyber Threat Intelligence

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A survey from SANS Institute has revealed how Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) has evolved in EMEA.

The SANS 2020 CTI Survey has reported that CTI has evolved from small, ad-hoc tasks performed disparately across an organisation to, in many cases, robust programmes with their own staff, tools and processes that support the entire organisation.

“In the past three years, we have seen an increase in the percentage of respondents choosing to have a dedicated team over a single individual responsible for the entire CTI programme,” said Robert M. Lee survey author and instructor at SANS Institute, a leader in cybersecurity training and certifications.

In fact, survey results indicate that just under 50% of respondents’ organisations have a team dedicated to CTI, up from 41% in 2019. In total, more than 84% of organisations reported having some kind of resource focusing on CTI.

While the number of organisations with dedicated threat intelligence teams is growing, results also demonstrate a move toward collaboration, with 61% reporting that CTI tasks are handled by a combination of in-house and service provider teams.

“We continue to see an emphasis on partnering with others, whether through a paid service provider relationship or through information-sharing groups or programmes,” said Lee. “Collaboration within organisations is also on the rise, with many respondents reporting that their CTI teams are part of a co-ordinated effort across the organisation.”

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