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Internet security: Threats to your online experience

Imagine that you get a notification, seemingly from a court. Worried, you download the attachment – and all your files stop opening. And to recover them, you are kindly asked to pay a tidy sum. Or one not-so-fine day, Facebook rejects your password. A short while later, an email arrives from an unfamiliar address stating that your account has been hijacked and a ransom must be paid to get it back.

A person posing as a bank employee calls you to report a blocked payment and request that you verify your card details. You give the numbers from both sides of the card, and a few minutes later your salary is as good as gone. These are no abstract horror stories – absolutely anyone can have a run-in with cybervillains. Including you. Want to protect your money? Let’s start with devices and data. Kaspersky Education explains.

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