Riiid Labs and ConnecME launch AI-enabled ACT test preparation mobile app

Riiid Labs and ConnecME launch AI-enabled ACT test preparation mobile app

Riiid Labs, the global arm of Riiid, an AI education solutions provider and ConnecME Education, an international education company, have announced the launch of an AI powered ACT test preparation app in Egypt, UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

According to the two companies, the app is initially available on the Android platform, with an iOS-compatible version planned for later this year. The launch marks the fruition of a partnership that the two companies commenced in July, 2020 with the intent of introducing a new level of innovative instruction for students in the Middle East.

The app is designed to prepare for the United States’ ACT college-entrance exam. Echoing Riiid’s first AI tutoring app, Santa for TOEIC, the ACT test preparation app will analyse student data, predict scores and user behaviour and recommend personalised content and study plans in real-time to help students optimise their learning potential. Based on Deep Learning algorithms, Santa for TOEIC was launched in 2017 to prepare students in Asia for the widely used English language competency test.

“By integrating Riiid’s AI solutions into the ConnecME education platform, the ACT test preparation app will truly revolutionise how students in the Middle East study for the university entrance exam,” said David Yi, CEO, Riiid Labs. “The learning experiences based on AI will be personalised and tailored for each individual’s academic success. We strongly believe that the launch of the app is an important step toward a paradigm shift in learning and we look forward to enhanced and expanded collaboration with ConnecME.”

Mohammad Shadid CEO, ConnecME Education, said: “With the increasing uptake of the ACT test due to the integrity and reliability of the examinations process, there has been a considerable demand for creating an accessible test prep product. ConnecME has invested in developing a test prep tool for the region that maximises ease of access for students by using an app, while providing them with item level feedback on the types of questions they will get in the exam to support their learning. This is not a replacement for the student’s hard work or the inspiration of a teacher, but is meant to provide them with the best opportunity for increasing their scores to support them in their chosen academic career.”

The AI-enabled test preparation app is being introduced in Egypt first where the ACT exam is the sole standardised test available for entrance to an American college. Egypt is one of the biggest ACT markets outside of the US. Subsequent rollouts will take place throughout the Middle East region – with focus on the GCC, North Africa and The Levant, with further rollouts planned in Western Asia.

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