AWS announces opening of new AWS Direct Connect location within Equinix MC1 datacentre in Muscat

AWS announces opening of new AWS Direct Connect location within Equinix MC1 datacentre in Muscat

AWS announced the opening of a new AWS Direct Connect location within the Equinix MC1 data centre in Muscat, Oman. By connecting an enterprise network to AWS at the new location, the business gains private, direct access to all public AWS Regions, except China Beijing, operated by Sinnet, and China, Ningxia, operated by NWCD, AWS GovCloud Regions, and AWS Local Zones.

The new Muscat location offers dedicated 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps connections, with MACsec encryption available for 10 Gbps connections. Using this new location to reach resources running in the Muscat AWS Local Zone is a solution for applications that require single-digit millisecond latency or local data processing.

The Direct Connect service enables an enterprise to establish a private, physical network connection between AWS and the data centre, office, or colocation environment. These private connections can provide a more consistent network experience than those made over the public Internet. Using the Direct Connect SiteLink feature, you can send data between Direct Connect locations to create private network connections between the offices and datacentres in your global network.

Amazon cloud computing resources are hosted in multiple locations world-wide. These locations are composed of AWS Regions, Availability Zones, and Local Zones. Each AWS Region is a separate geographic area. Each AWS Region has multiple, isolated locations known as Availability Zones.

By using Local Zones, you can place resources, such as compute and storage, in multiple locations closer to your users. Amazon RDS enables you to place resources, such as DB instances, and data in multiple locations. Resources are not replicated across AWS Regions unless you do so specifically.

Amazon operates state-of-the-art, highly-available datacentres. Although rare, failures can occur that affect the availability of DB instances that are in the same location. If you host all your DB instances in one location that is affected by such a failure, none of your DB instances will be available.

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