Spheroid Universe launches AI avatars to populate the augmented reality world through Web 3.0 - Intelligent CIO Middle East
Spheroid Universe launches AI avatars to populate the augmented reality world through Web 3.0

Spheroid Universe launches AI avatars to populate the augmented reality world through Web 3.0

Spheroid Universe, a futuristic Metaverse that augments the real world in every part of the Earth, announced upcoming launch of artificial intelligence, AI Avatars that will inhabit the world via augmented reality, AR. This ground-breaking development will deliver breakthrough opportunities across numerous business platforms – from e-commerce and retail to advertising, sales, general customer, and consumer interactions and more.

As a frontrunner in the field of Web 3.0 technology and particularly in the Metaverse, Spheroid develops tools for business that explore the potential of AR technology. The company aims to help businesses become leaders as early adopters of cutting-edge technological advances – such as the new AI Avatars that will be available shortly.

There is an opportunity for new AI Avatars to be deployed in customer-facing scenarios, such as in sales offices or retail environments. They will create a unique customer experience, helping brands to reposition themselves as early adopters and forward-thinking with an eye on how technology is reshaping our future.

Spheroid has developed its AI Avatar product to the highest specifications, even integrating the increasingly popular ChatGPT platform to enhance communication and interactions with humans. This is an exciting time for AI and AR, as the boundaries between reality and technology blur even further.

By integrating AI chatbot ChatGPT into its Avatars, Spheroid is ensuring the smoothest possible interactions with people at all times. The Avatars also incorporate voice recognition and voice synthesis technologies, which will make communication quick, habitual, and convenient for users.

Spheroid’s AI Avatars are not only intelligent, but able to be designed to take on any visual appearance without the limitations of the physical world. They can be created as unique characters that truly represent their brands, from both a visual and interactive perspective – including how they communicate with customers. This leads to a product that is incredibly flexible, with almost unlimited usage across commercial, entertainment, and educational applications, amongst others.

Spheroid is also planning to integrate their AI Avatars into Appleā€™s Smart Glasses for an even more immersive experience, which is expected to be released by Apple later this year.

Spheroid Universe, is an extended reality Metaverse company, and announced that it has secured an investment commitment from ABO Digital for its utility token SPH. Spheroid is a platform for developing Extended Reality projects. The technological basis of the platform is the Spheroid XR Cloud, and the Spheroid Script programming language designed for AR, XR creation.

“The accessibility and practically unlimited potential of AI Avatars that exist within an AR world will encourage faster uptake of the latest AI and Web 3.0 technologies amongst businesses,” explained Andrey Almiashev, CEO, Spheroid Universe.

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