Get to know: Eduardo García Riaño, Chief Product Officer GGTech
Eduardo García Riaño, Chief Product Officer GGTech

Get to know: Eduardo García Riaño, Chief Product Officer GGTech

Describe your current job role and business model.

Eduardo Garcia Riano is the Chief Product Officer of GGtech, a tech company in the entertainment industry, focused on gaming and esports.

What are the strengths that you bring to this role?

As an Aerospace Engineer, Eduardo brings his analytical skills to the role, on top of his managerial skills developed in his last 20 years of professional experience. Additionally, his former professional experience as WW Head of Gaming Sponsorships at Amazon Ads gave him the capability to develop and apply the gaming strategy worldwide.

He delivered several initiatives, many of them built from scratch, to more than 17 countries in 4 regions. His skills are in service of developing and scaling GGTech’s products and businesses around the world.

Please describe the expectations and pain points of customers?

GGTech’s customers are gamers, and they expect the best gaming products tailored to enhance their gaming experience. Gamers are very demanding. When a person decides to invest their free time in gaming, they are deciding not to invest in other formats of entertainment, so they expect the best quality and experience in exchange for their dedicated time.

There are several key pain points of gamers today: video game monetisation models, invasive advertising formats or lack of stability in offline gaming offerings. GGtech is working to innovate in some of these areas and help gamers to enhance their gaming time.

Which technologies can make a difference to end customers?

With the evolution of connectivity and computing power, Eduardo expects Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to gain more adepts in the following years. At this point, such technology is not accessible to everyone from a monetary perspective, while also some technical challenges are being resolved, but in the future this will evolve to a solution that will fit a majority of gamers.

From a gaming paradigm perspective, web3 still has a lot to offer. Decentralised models have potential, while yet not proven, and he looks forward to understanding more of the new proposals that appear in this area.

How can a channel partner disrupt the regional market?

There are just so many ways in which a channel partner can disrupt the regional market, but all of them start with the same recipe: two or more companies who join to deliver an improved added value than if they competed alone in such a market. These partners can get additional contracts, get more media attention, deliver a better product for their customers, and so on, making a shift in how the market operated before them.

GGTech always looks for partners that expand its capabilities and bring additional value to customers. It all starts by understanding really well what the company’s capabilities are.

Which non-competitive business do you admire?

Eduardo is impressed by the work of the video game developers. The gaming and esports industry exists thanks to them, and the companies that operate in this segment as tournament operators, marketing agencies or professional players managers, base their business on how well the video game developers, producers and publishers do their job.

The better the game, the more gamers, and more business for everyone. Developing a game requires so many skills from so many different areas. Some of those include creativity for imagining a new game concept, sometimes a whole lore and narrative to be able to land with an audience; versatile programming knowledge for preparing the game for diverse platforms such as PC, consoles or mobiles and their respective operating systems; image and sound experts for creating the right atmosphere.

The future of this industry relies on those brilliant minds, and the success of today is because of them.

Which aspects of your job role are rewarding, and which are challenging?

The most rewarding aspect of Eduardo’s role is having the opportunity to work with so many talented and enthusiastic colleagues, either in GGTech or outside. Gaming is a passion for many, and when people have passion, they push themselves to the next level to succeed and this is how this industry keeps growing year after year.

The most challenging part is keeping the pace in esports. The esports industry is still in consolidation, and everything changes rapidly . Every company operating in this specific area of entertainment needs to be prepared to quickly adapt to what is next, as it will come soon.

Such ability requires being up-to-date on the latest trends, having an organisational model capable of adapting, and having the right team prepared to assume constant changes. Having the three of those is not easy.

How do you like to de-stress off work?

As a gamer, Eduardo loves playing video games with friends. Some of his other passions are board games and, the most important one, spending time with family.

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