Pioneering unified API protection

Pioneering unified API protection

With new cyberthreats constantly emerging, it’s important that organisations have clear visibility of risks – and an effective way to mitigate these. When it comes to API protection, Cequence Security is pioneering advanced technology to prevent business logic abuse and provide frictionless and transparent risk assessment and real-time attack mitigation. Andy Mills, VP EMEA – Cequence Security, tells us more about the company’s approach and how it is working with Amiviz to introduce its products to the Middle East region

Andy Mills, VP EMEA – Cequence Security

We answer three questions for CISOs and security leaders. The first question is ‘how many APIs do I have, and where are they hosted?’.

The second question is, ‘what risks are associated with those APIs?’. And then the final question is, ‘are we under attack now?’.

The final question is a strange one, given that most organisations spend an awful lot of money on security, but even the most secure APIs can be subjected to business logic abuse and traditional security technology cannot protect against this.

Effectively, by addressing all of those questions, we enable customers to stop breaches or the risk of breaches, as well as online fraud.

Our unique proposition is that we are frictionless and transparent. In this region, where data sovereignty is key. We also provide a hybrid option.

We enable organisations to obtain visibility into the risks associated with APIs, show them if they are under attack and block the threats in real time. That’s important, because the way that threats and bad actors are developing is that they change their IP addresses, their tools and their approach very quickly. A product like ours mitigates attacks natively – you don’t need additional third parties to help.

We’re delighted to partner with Amiviz because they have a presence across the region and, as we look to introduce our products and services to organisations in Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan – in fact, the whole Middle East region – we’re very happy to be working with them.

Reza Rizvi, VP Sales – GCC at Amiviz, added: “This collaboration is not only about technology, it’s about empowerment – empowering customers to harness the full protection of API while mitigating the risks and safeguarding themselves from malicious actors.”

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