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Cloud and the silver lining

Just as writing has come to mean texting, blogging, or any form of digital writing, the cloud today means one or all of the three Cs: computing, connectivity, and communication. And just as nearly all thought to putting pen to paper has disappeared, all reference to the natural cloud is long forgotten. The three Cs […]

Inconvenient truth of hidden conflict in the C-suite

A little bit of conflict between members of the C-suite is inevitable. When each member has different priorities and business objectives to the rest of the C-suite, it’s possible for this conflict to cause problems. Part of the tension is caused by a lack of consensus on business growth. According to recent research by Epicor, […]

4 opportunities afforded by an ADC refresh

An application delivery controller (ADC) refresh is a great occasion to look to the future and optimise your network for not only the applications you have in place today, but what you will have tomorrow. Odds are the box you’re replacing is out of date and more than five years old. A lot’s happened in the networking […]

Why DNS shouldn’t be used for data transport

Malicious DNS tunnelling is a big problem in cyber security. The technique involves the use of the Domain Name System (DNS) protocol to smuggle sensitive corporate or personal information out of a network, and to enable malware command and control communications in and out. Indeed, as the Infoblox Security Assessment Report revealed recently, two in five enterprise […]

10 questions to ask your ADC provider

Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) are networking devices that reside in the data centre and serve as a key part of an application delivery network. With the explosion in Internet traffic, business applications, and the number of Internet-enabled devices, application delivery controllers provide the front-end intelligence that supplements and enhances business application flows. In addition to […]

Hack of Yahoo accounts – and the 700-day fallout!

On Thursday, September 22, 2016, Yahoo confirmed that hackers stole the personal data associated with at least 500 million Yahoo accounts. Details including names, passwords, email addresses, phone numbers and security questions were taken from the company’s network in late 2014 by what is believed to be a state-sponsored hacking group.

Smart device hacking gets real

For years now, cyber security risk exaggerators have been talking about the threat to connected devices from hackers and other cybercriminals. But most observers have scoffed at stories of networked fridges or toasters being hacked and hijacked by cybercriminals. Just where is the real threat to our day-to-day lives from this sort of Fear Uncertainty […]

Are you paying attention to the rise in ransomware?

Paladion, a security services provider in the Middle East, has said that the fastest-growing area of cyber crime has developed into a $1 billion-a-year industry complete with customer care departments set up to secure payments from victims of ransomware attacks. Cyber attacks using ransomware, a form of malicious software that allows criminals to encrypt personal […]

Mobility helping to drive SMB batting potential

The explosion of smartphones and tablets is transforming the way we communicate, work and manage our personal lives. We stay connected everywhere, and collaborate on the go at every opportunity we get. We need the ability to access business applications at the highest speeds and quality possible – regardless of where we are or which […]

BYOD = ‘Bring Your Own Disaster’ ?

As adoption of wearables becomes more mainstream in the Middle East, it brings added complexity to BYOD in an enterprise. One of the more interesting features of wearable tech is its ability to tether to, and control, smartphones over a remote connection. So even if wearables are denied access to enterprise networks, they may already […]

Improving network security

In May this year, we posted results of our ‘network protection survey’, which looked – among other things – at best practices in companies that were highly successful at network security. I will drill down into these best practices, and how to achieve them. Some of the recommended actions have the added benefit of positively influencing multiple […]

Making life easier with document capture solutions

C suites around the world are buzzing about digital transformation. But here’s the truth: A huge number of business processes still run on paper. More than three-quarters of global professionals are reliant on paper at work. So why do we mistreat our documents during the capture process? As per a report ‘Paper Jam: Why documents […]