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IST launch two cloud platforms to improve customer engagement

IST launch two cloud platforms to improve customer engagement

Sherif Fahmy, Marketing Manager, IST

A cloud based digital platform will enable businesses to better understand and respond to the requirements of its customers.

IST, the customer experience technology specialists, has announced the launch of IST OmniCloud, a cloud-based digital customer experience platform, and IST Sentiment Analysis.

Continuing to build on IST’s 15-year legacy of enabling enterprises in the Middle East to deploy customer-centric contact centres that deliver improved customer outcomes, the products are available as independent solutions or as an integrated platform.

IST OmniCloud and IST Sentiment Analysis allows enterprises to build a comprehensively integrated customer experience across web, email and social channels.

Sherif Fahmy, Marketing Manager at IST, said: “The digital customer journey is now more important than ever — people expect to have digital frictionless interactions, whether it is with their family and friends or with their bank and telco.

“The voice channel in contact centres has become a commodity and in our view, for enterprises in the region looking to gain a competitive advantage, offering their customers a seamlessly connected customer experience across all digital channels is the differentiating factor.

“According to data from a survey we conducted in May 2017, only 35 per cent of organisations in the Middle East currently follow such a customer service strategy, though we expect to see this number grow significantly as over 40 per cent of respondents confirmed that they will be making an investment in digital contact centre solutions over the next 12 months.”

IST OmniCloud, powered by Genesys, is a cloud-based digital customer experience platform, that empowers organisations with pro-active connected social, web and email engagement. It connects an organisation’s digital channels together in ONE Agent Desktop, using ONE reporting engine, with ONE unified view of the customer interactions and utilizing ONE routing engine to allow powerful, effective management of all digital customer interactions.

IST’s Sentiment Analysis solution offers businesses the chance to listen in on their customers’ conversations, in English and Arabic, across popular social media platforms. With an accuracy of over 80 per cent, compared to the industry average of about 40-50 per cent, it can automatically decipher whether customers’ comments are positive, negative or neutral.

The solution can also determine possible sales opportunities by flagging comments that contain questions. This actionable intelligence feature is an industry-first and allows call centres to better manage and direct their customer calls to the appropriate agents based on the sentiment and topics those customers expressed on social media.

“For over 15 years, IST has partnered with leading technology providers like Genesys, Cisco, Verint and Entersekt and heavily invested in research and development to provide enterprises in the region bespoke solutions for contact centres, digital banking, text to speech, voice biometrics, smart e-branches and back office,” said Sherif.

“We believe that the launch of IST OmniCloud and IST Sentiment Analysis with several industry-first features, is a game changer and will afford enterprises the opportunity to digitise the customer journey, provide a connected customer experience, positively affect customer outcomes, and ultimately grow their business.”

For more information on IST OmniCloud and IST Sentiment visit here.