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GITEX 2017 smart pedestrian signage review

GITEX 2017 smart pedestrian signage review

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) at GITEX 2017 reviewed the smart pedestrian signal technology, which comes in line with the initiative of the Smart City initiative launched by the Government of Dubai, which aims to provide safe passage for pedestrians through the adoption of several sites. To be installed on the road network in the Emirate of Dubai, within a well thought out plan.

Engineer Maitha Bin Oday, Executive Director of Traffic and Roads Authority, said: “The smart pedestrian signal is operated by using an intelligent system based on sensors connected to a ground-based light system, which harmonises with signal lighting. It reads pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks (before crossing the street), (During transit), and automatically adjusts the remaining time based on this reading, allowing safe passage for as many pedestrians as possible safely and easily for all.

She added that the preliminary results of the pilot phase on Al Sa’ada Street showed an improvement in operational efficiency and traffic safety after more extensive studies and statistics. The expansion of the project to different areas of Dubai is governed by many factors, traffic and pedestrian density, as well as facilities around intersections, and areas covered by the second phase of this technology: City Walk, Observatories, Barsha, and others.

“The smart pedestrian signal and its accompanying system is one of the initiatives of the Smart City, which serves the strategic objectives of Dubai Smart City.