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Neuromem Technologies expert on how AI can transform enterprises

Neuromem Technologies expert on how AI can transform enterprises

Dr Prof Pierre Brunswick, CEO, Neuromem Technologies, says AI is a rapidly growing trend across industries

Dr Prof Pierre Brunswick, CEO, Neuromem Technologies, tells us how artificial intelligence can become an effective transformational tool for enterprises.  

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing trend across several industries. In order to make the most of the current interest in AI, businesses need to be asking how they can leverage it. They need to start looking and investing in options of how they can leverage AI in their business and how it will add value to both their operations and their customers. And they need to do that now.

For example, using pattern recognition and improved applications of neural processing, AI is helping some businesses become more efficient. AI can ‘instinctively’ pick up on commonly occurring patterns and act accordingly with minimal external guidance. The system can then build a database of information based on the recognition of these patterns and reach meaningful and accurate outcomes based on the data.

AI will enhance business processes and let companies focus on what is more important while AI provides the tools we need to do our jobs better. In our opinion, cognitive AI systems like ones developed on neuromorphic technology are probably one of the best engines for businesses because they consume lower power and offer non-stop learning and, because these technologies focus on anomalies, it uses fewer resources including data, cloud and internet, creating a lower cost of operations.

There are several services that offer cognitive solutions that are hosted on a cloud server – available all the time – but this requires the process to provide data in a specific format through an API built into an application created to speak to the cognitive services hosted on a server somewhere else in the world.

This raises security and reliability concerns since, more often than not, these services are usually maintained by third parties, which, in turn, could also mean that any down time could affect the actual processing of data (although this is not a common occurrence).

Ultimately, the solution depends entirely on the nature of the application – whether mobile, static or so completely adverse that it needs a custom solution.

Our unique, cognitive, neuromorphic AI technology can report anomalies in a few nanoseconds, and that is valuable because you have key information that you need fast to enable you to make quick business decisions. In addition, our neurones can do non-stop learning, therefore the expert can decide to handle the anomaly either as a defect or ask the neurones to learn making your data of the highest quality: accurate and up to date always.

The demand for neuromorphic technology like ours at NeuroMem has been growing and improving steadily. Today, the trendy IoT and big data applications are steering the demand for high-speed, low-power pattern recognition and machine learning tools. With recent data regulations and breaches, technologies like ours ensures that data that belongs to the company rests locally rather than with a third party.

At the end of the day, businesses need to find the solution that is right for them and their ecosystem.