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Public cloud adoption: What’s the best strategy?

With the adoption of public cloud on the rise, enterprises are being helped to scale up their operations without the need to invest in new hardware and upgrades. We asked Sachin Bhardwaj, Director Marketing and Business Development, eHosting DataFort, what strategies organisations should have in place when adopting the public cloud. Today, cloud is a […]

Enabling the ‘people effect’ – accelerating innovation by design

Luc Serviant is vice president, Middle East and Africa, Orange Business Services and a member of the Accelerator Selection Committee of the Dubai Smart City Accelerator, says digital tools can allow colleagues to work together more efficiently but face-to-face collaboration still has its place and the design of community clusters and workspaces is an important part […]

Aruba expert: AI will bring new opportunities to businesses

Rabih Itani, Regional Business Development Manager, Security, Middle East and Turkey at Aruba, says we are on the verge of real srtificial intelligence which will bring immense change to the way businesses operate. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic of discussion in many industries for a while now, with healthcare, retail and hospitality, […]

Pure Storage expert on how artificial intelligence can deliver business benefits

With so much on offer and at stake, the question is no longer simply what AI is capable of, but rather where AI can best be used to deliver immediate business benefits. James Petter, EMEA VP, Pure Storage, says modern all-flash based data platforms are releasing the full potential of projects operating in environments that […]

ManageEngine expert on data and endpoint management in the mobile-cloud era

Mobility and cloud computing are rapidly becoming the norm for enterprises around the world. In turn, enterprise IT departments are facing new management and security challenges as the amount of business data soars and the number of endpoints explodes. Mathivanan V, Vice President, ManageEngine, says the question doing the rounds is what IT teams need […]

IT tools can replicate human relationships but they cannot replace them

Luc Serviant, 0f Orange Business Services, says although IT tools get close to replicating human relationships they cannot replace them For all the progress information technology has brought in to the workplace, there is still room for human interaction. Luc Serviant, Vice President, Middle East and Africa, Orange Business Services, says although IT tools get […]

McAfee expert: How to beat malicious actors in the cybersecurity ‘game’

Cybersecurity defences are under unprecedented levels of attack. From old malware foes and newer types, such as ransomware, to sophisticated advanced threats and state-sponsored cyberattacks, breaches are now an everyday reality, says Tarek Jundi, managing director, Middle East and Turkey, McAfee. It’s an ever-changing landscape that organisations face. Take the McAfee Labs 2018 Threat Predictions […]

Red Hat president and CEO celebrates 25th anniversary

On Red Hat’s 25th anniversary president and CIO Jim Whitehurst says 2018 is a year of milestones. Today marks Red Hat’s 25th anniversary; the term open source was coined 20 years ago in February; I just passed my 10th anniversary with this amazing company. For all of these milestones, I have two simple words: thank […]

Seclore expert: Is it possible to collaborate with confidence?

Organisations need to collaborate more than ever but how do you protect the information you share? Vishal Gupta, CEO and Founder of Seclore, discusses how to best allow data to remain secure wherever it travels between organisations. Just as no man is an island, no corporate or government entity can realistically operate today in isolation. […]

Help AG expert: How to tackle an increase in ransomware

We asked Nicolai Solling, CTO at Help AG, what enterprises can we do about the expected increase in ransomware and cyber-extortion tools. Here is his response: Cyber-extortion involves attackers demanding payments rather than just stealing money via the cyber realm. This therefore requires them to have some leverage which could be sensitive data or disruption of services. […]