LeadPivot launches InmunitaPass digital vaccine passport

LeadPivot launches InmunitaPass digital vaccine passport


Puerto Rican tech company LeadPivot has launched ImmunitaPass, a digital vaccine passport. ImmunitaPass is fast, convenient and accessible, and it will ensure that people who receive their COVID-19 shots have the evidence available at all times.

After receiving their shots, individuals will get a private code to access their digital vaccine passports in a mobile device. Information security is guaranteed by LeadPivot technology; no one has access to the data, except the individual who was vaccinated.

InmunitaPass was created by LeadPivot, a company led by Francisco Rodríguez-Castro and designed by a group of Puerto Rican tech experts led by Francisco Castellanos, Technology CEO at LeadPivot. LeadPivot is a division of Birling Capital Advisors, presided by Rodríguez-Castro.

This program can facilitate the process of opening schools/universities, increase restaurants’ capacity, increase and/or open movie theaters and concert halls (with some restrictions).

“In Puerto Rico we are ahead in technology with this innovative product,” explained Rodríguez-Castro. “We hope this system can be implemented soon, so that it will expedite the process of returning to normalcy, which will help to improve the economy without compromising any country’s safety and security,” he added.

The system has the flexibility to be adapted to any system in the United States and around the world and work with the local sanitary authorities to ensure citizens have access to their COVID-19 vaccine records in a safe and secure fashion.

InmunitaPass technology can identify some mistakes, such as repeated numbers and can correct it, and should the printed vaccine card be adulterated, when the algorithm is scanned, it can identify the discrepancy. This new technology does not substitute the printed vaccine card; it would be a complement that the individual may access anytime using a mobile device.

InmunitaPass is ready to launch and if approved can be operational in approximately one or two weeks, depending on the complexity of the service. LeadPivot is the software services development technology division of Birling Capital Advisors and was created to expedite Digital Transformation, boost growth and customer service experience. It is focused on the future and the necessary steps to get there. With LeadPivot services as a tool, we help you implement a complete Digital Transformation that will result in better services, better customer service and, above all, better financial results.