Entel pilots traffic control cameras with AI connected to 5G

Entel pilots traffic control cameras with AI connected to 5G

Entel, the state-owned telecommunications company headquartered in Bolivia, has piloted an automatic traffic monitoring trial in Chile, utilising 5G wireless connectivity and AI.

The pilot sought to leverage the 5G network, AI and Edge Computing with the aim of analyzing in real-time the flow of traffic, occurrences of traffic accidents, as well as the number of pedestrians and cyclists.

This will allow the government to improve its planning and decision-making in matters of traffic and mobility.

Gloria Hutt, Minister of Transport and Telecommunications in Chile, said: “Traffic management is key for the mobility of people in cities and the implementation of technological solutions that will help us make travel more efficient, shortening travel times and facilitating the movement of pedestrians and cycle-users. 

“In addition, through the deployment of the 5G network, we will be able to wirelessly enable and interconnect traffic control cameras and traffic lights.”

Pamela Gidi, the Undersecretary of Telecommunications in Chile, said: “Not only will transport see these changes, but other daily aspects of cities will also be modified, evolving towards a model of Smart Cities. 

“5G technology will facilitate a massive deployment of sensors that will allow real-time monitoring of different services such as transportation, public safety and cleaning, improving the quality of life of our citizens.” 

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