Mundo Cuervo ensures satisfaction of thousands of clients thanks to the high availability and reliability of Veeam

Mundo Cuervo ensures satisfaction of thousands of clients thanks to the high availability and reliability of Veeam

The tourism complex uses Veeam’s technology to support IT services that help control and manage the backup process and provides full data protection.  

The business challenge  

Tequila, Jalisco, has become a major tourist destination in Mexico. In just one weekend, Mundo Cuervo, a tourist complex, registered up to 2,500 visitors simultaneously using the different services the organization offers.  

In terms of business growth, technological services are a fundamental pillar, which means that IT infrastructure expansion and streamlining are necessary. This has been achieved through a virtualization strategy, allowing them to have flexibility in developing new tools in a matter of hours to create test environments or to meet the needs of the operating areas.  

Furthermore, 11 virtual servers cover the needs of the company’s facilities, generating 6 TB of business data every single day.  

Salvador Guzmán, IT Coordinator, Mundo Cuervo, said: “Given the business profile, it is important for our technology be unseen by the visitor, leaving the spotlight on the beauty of the place and the experiences it offers, while remaining the basis for the quality of the services offered by Mundo Cuervo.”  

For the José Cuervo Express and the hotels located in the tourism complex, this means that having up-to-date information is of the utmost importance given that sales are recorded via the Mundo Cuervo website. This is why it is vital that data and applications are always available. It is of major importance for IT that in the event of system downtime or failure, the recovery process takes no more than two hours, no matter the environment or the time of day.  

The Veeam solution  

Since 2017, with the support of CompuCAD, one of Veeam’s business partners, Mundo Cuervo has been using Veeam technology to support the IT services that the department headed by Guzmán manage, to ensure the business’ on-going operations.  

Initially, Veeam was going to be used to backup the company’s virtual servers, given the levels of accuracy and reliability it required, all of which were fully covered by Veeam. However, the IT Coordinator added: “We extended our use of the solution to cover Office 365 as well as end-points, providing ourselves with a massive umbrella that allows us to fully place our trust in the storage and protection of our data. We have also been able to access and recover from specific scenarios thanks to Veeam.”  

Veeam is not only being used for the data center that encompasses all of Mundo Cuervo’s facilities.  

“During 2018, after seeing for ourselves the outstanding capacity of the product, we replicated the platform at our corporate offices, which we recently inaugurated in Mexico City, where we have four virtual servers and manage a total of 3 TB of information,” he added.  

The Veeam model that the company has implemented is based on hardware that backs up its servers in real time, ensuring that in the event of any system failures, they can respond immediately with an alternate copy.  

“As a result of any event or error, we can restore data from comprehensive copies using the last incremental backup in a matter of minutes, meaning that the business continues to run transparently for both our operating areas and, more importantly, for our customers,” explained Guzmán.  

Thanks to Veeam, the service downtime has decreased to just a few minutes. According to Guzmán, the best part is the simplicity of the tool in facilitating the recovery process, given that the Veeam console quickly identifies the exact time to be recovered for application testing or even to roll back to a specific operating point.  

Furthermore, the speed of the backup and recovery process is another major advantage that Guzmán feels is of huge importance.  

“Veeam, simply put, saves us every single day as we no longer have to worry about restoring copies. We have also become faster in executing backups by using the incremental backup strategy. It is because of these features that we are able to say that we are always available and downtime tolerant,” he added.  

Aside from all these advantages, the greatest value Veeam offers Mundo Cuervo is that its processes help drive operational flexibility and better customer service.  

Genoveva García, Marketing and Communications Manager, Mundo Cuervo, talked about how Veeam has helped its reservation process become easier and more efficient, allowing it to better respond to the needs of their customers in a more flexible manner, helping ensure customer loyalty and trust.  

The results  

  • Speed, simplicity and reliability for backup, restoration and recovery processes. With the previous tool, the company spent three hours in the backup process, but now, thanks to Veeam, this only takes 15 minutes. Restorations that used to take half a day can now be finished in just a few minutes and instead of having three people working on this task, only one person is now needed. But that is not all. “The major element is the trust we now have in the efficiency of our backups, knowing that we can pinpoint any moment in time that we need to recover,” added Guzmán.  
  • First-class services for both internal users and customers. Ensuring high data availability is a priority for the IT department at Mundo Cuervo as its visitors come first. That is why ensuring the backup process is as fast as possible to help better tackle any problems is a major differentiating factor that Guzmán has found in Veeam, given that it guarantees optimum service delivery to both business areas and, as a result, customers.  
  • Storage space savings thanks to one of the best compression solutions on the market. “The write speed that Veeam offers is extremely fast compared to other applications, especially when dealing with virtual environments. However, what has surprised me the most is its high compression rate. This Veeam tool is one of the best on the market as it allows us to store more backup information without having to invest much disk space,” concluded Guzmán.  


Mundo Cuervo is a tourist complex in the town of Tequila, located in the state of Jalisco. It is comprised of two hotels, two restaurants, a convention center and a cultural center that encompasses a museum, numerous souvenir stores, a guided tour of the oldest distillery in Latin America and the José Cuervo Express, a train that travels between the state capital, Guadalajara and this original destination, transporting 700 tourists per week.  

The company, which has approximately 500 employees, focuses on creating unique experiences based on this traditional Mexican beverage, which the world identifies with Mexico: Tequila. Its mission is to ensure that visitors leave the town of Tequila with magical memories thanks to the multiple activities offered. In 2018, around 191,000 people visited the company’s facilities.  


Given that Mundo Cuervo has become a national tourist destination, more and more people are using its services. Ensuring outstanding customer service is of fundamental importance to the company.  

As such, the major responsibilities of its IT department include ensuring and maintaining the high availability of its data services, helping the operations areas offer the best possible experience to its customers.  


Mundo Cuervo uses Veeam Backup and Replication, Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 and Veeam Endpoint Backup, which help it control and manage the backup process for its virtualization environment, provide full protection and access to its Office 365 data and easily backup all portable and end-user equipment, in addition to implementing the recovery process, if necessary.  

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