Gympass exercises best practices in commercial automation and digital marketing

Gympass exercises best practices in commercial automation and digital marketing

Gain in team productivity was one of the main results after the adoption of Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Present in 11 countries, Gympass is a complete corporate wellness platform that helps people stay active and healthy, wherever they are, by connecting them with an extensive network of physical, mental and emotional partners, such as face-to-face and virtual classes at gyms and studios, sessions with Personal Trainers and various wellness applications, including therapies, nutrition and meditation. Since 2016, the company has used Salesforce solutions, a global leader in Customer Relationship Management, to manage the work of all its sales and teams.

For these purposes, Gympass relies on Salesforce Sales Cloud to follow the sales pipeline, from the entry of leads to the conclusion of new businesses integrated with the business management solution (ERP), it manages the client’s journey with the company through automated relationship actions, the renegotiation operation and deals with the operations of the commercial conditions and contractual data. In the meantime, Salesforce Marketing Cloud takes action helping it manage marketing campaigns across all channels, send personalized emails and more. All of this happens through the Lightning platform, which provides Gympass with a simple, dynamic and efficient interface for users, facilitating usability and the search for relevant data.

The adoption of Salesforce solutions started in 2016, but did not include the digitization of some processes. As of 2019, there was an expansion of the scope of the implementation, made by GFT, a Salesforce partner, through projects for different business fronts, including support for the BDRs (Business Development Representative), sales, relationship and gyms teams. During this period, Gympass saw a considerable increase in the productivity of the sales team by eliminating duplication of activities due to old systems. The improvement in quality of information and data brought an increase in the efficiency of the operations teams, and the possibility of carrying out better commercial and strategic planning, which helps the company in decision-making moments.

Patricia Antoneli, Global Sales Projects Director, Gympass, said: “Internally, today we consider Salesforce as the main tool for the Gympass sales team in the world. Whether to control the sales pipeline, manage our future plans or capture all the data from the operational set-up and renegotiation processes with companies, the Salesforce solution meets all of our needs.”

Another important tool during the implementation of the solutions and which is still in use today is Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online teaching platform. Gympass recommends Trailhead for employees who have more frequent contact with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, such as the Global Sales OPs and Projects teams, and also uses it to immerse themselves with new employees to learn more about reports and new features of the tools.

Fabio Costa, General Manager, Salesforce, said: “In the business world, things are happening faster and faster, so agile access to data and insights and ease of process management, such as those provided by our solutions, become important tools for companies that are benchmarks in their fields, like Gympass.”

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