Taking advantage of the best cloud has to offer

Taking advantage of the best cloud has to offer

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André Andriolli, Senior Director, Solution Engineering, Office of the CTO, Latin America, VMware, tells us theuse of a multi-cloud strategy and a platform that unifies the administration is the best way to take advantage of all the possibilities of cloud computing.

There has been a lot of talk about the cloud and all the benefits it brings to organizations of different industries and sizes. Whether in telecommunications, healthcare, education, retail or even in the public sphere, the adoption of this technology enables countless operational improvements. And, despite the progress of recent years, the cloud still has enormous potential and tends to gain new followers, increasingly contributing to the Digital Transformation of companies.

It is very positive to know that migrating to the cloud is already part of an organization’s plans but how should they guarantee this passage is beneficial, safe and simple?

The answer is a multi-cloud strategy. Today, VMware facilitates the journey to innovation through a single and more secure platform, which represents the digital foundation for the new demands of AI, Machine Learning, Big Data/analytics, DevOps and others.

VMware Cloud, a distributed multi-cloud platform, enables organizations to accelerate application modernization across the data center, edge and any cloud.

Reasons to migrate to the cloud

If migrating to the cloud was envisioned as a solution to optimize costs, today the plans of  companies go much further. Machine Learning models, greater ease of use of applications, focus on customer experience, smarter use of data for better results and, of course, scalability, are some of the advantages that motivate many companies to migrate to cloud. And all of this without mentioning the freedom to migrate applications from one provider to another.

Companies also have different needs. Thanks to the wide range of cloud service providers, when adopting a multi-cloud strategy, it is possible to take full advantage of every cloud according to demand of every business area. Therefore, in addition to the provider, it is necessary to define the best service for a certain task. It would be like assembling a puzzle in which it is necessary to understand how to put the pieces together (in this case, the services) to reach the expected result, which leads to complex environments.

Having technologies that help to provide a broad vision of how these pieces come together is essential. A platform that integrates all clouds and allows control of them from a single place offers operational simplicity, which in practice means more visibility, more security and lower cost.

In recent years, several cloud providers have partnered with VMware to help customers take advantage of business software and cloud solutions from those companies to move to the cloud. Providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud provide users with access to thousands of solutions from open-source developers and third-party solutions.

For increasing the compatibility of its services, Google recently announced the Google Cloud VMware Engine solution for the São Paulo region. In this sense, Eduardo López, President of Google Cloud for Latin America, said: “In Google Cloud our focus has always been to understand the needs of our clients and go with them in the Digital Transformation process. Elements such as remote work, knowing more about their consumer, or differentiation within their industry, are some areas where we are working with organizations from all over the world which have created the acceleration that companies in Latin America need.

“Today we seek to create partnerships, such as with VMware, to help them transform their technological architectures thinking about this business transformation that, seeing the changes generated by the pandemic, is more fundamental than ever”.

Other cloud providers such as Microsoft and Oracle have made great strides to offer VMware Cloud services to optimize the operation of their customers.

Liliana Gonzalez, Microsoft Latam Global Alliances Director, said: “The partnership between Microsoft and VMware enables our customers to leverage their investments and skills. Together, we offer the opportunity for continuous development and modernization of the cloud competition throughout the customer journey, as the use of VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure eliminates the need for third-party tools, offers a hybrid architecture, improves the customer experience and reduces administration costs, minimizing migration complexity.

“I am very happy with this alliance and I am sure that together we will contribute even more to accelerate the transformation journey of our clients, offering a better user experience, security, performance, comprehensive management and investment optimization.”

Marcos Pupo, Oracle’s Senior Vice President of Cloud for Latin America, said: “Our greatest commitment is the success of our clients. We are seeing a growing demand on your part to bring your mission-critical systems to the cloud with greater agility and as little risk as possible.

“We want to be with them as strategic partners on this journey and make it easier, the Oracle VMware Cloud solution makes migrations more transparent, easier and faster, allowing companies to keep all their knowledge about VMware without having to redo test, reconfigure or rewrite applications. We are very happy with this partnership.”

The use of multiple clouds and a platform that unifies the administration is the best way to take advantage of all the possibilities of cloud computing, since it enables and accelerates the Digital Transformation initiatives of companies, whether it is the adoption of new technologies or modernization of existing applications.

With a multi-cloud strategy, it is possible to take digitization to a new level to ensure operational simplicity, and not just in IT areas.