Banco Promerica optimizes customer service with Oracle Service

Banco Promerica optimizes customer service with Oracle Service

With Oracle Service, customer information moved from multiple screens to a single integrated solution, enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.

The Banco Promerica de Guatemala is part of the Grupo Promerica, which has a presence in nine countries in Central America, South America and the Caribbean. With more than 25 years of operations, it currently has about 3,000 employees and more than 100 branches throughout the country. 

In addition, it is the leading bank issuing credit cards, and has a good share in consumer loans and passive accounts. Therefore, it is one of the banking institutions with the highest growth in recent years.

It differs from other financial entities by the service experience it provides to its clients. As a leading issuer of credit cards, its differential in this field is ahead of the competition because it offers the best value offers while providing a high-quality service.

To further improve the experience of its users and offer a service with a greater degree of personalization, Banco Promerica implemented Oracle Service, which is part of the Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX) portfolio of solutions . 

This solution allows organizations to understand the behavior, needs and communication channels of the client while providing a multi-channel tool to follow up on any request. In short, this solution seeks efficiency and improvement in customer service.

Oracle Service

Oracle Service provides the ability to predict the need for a service, automate processes and deliver personalized responses, while balancing self-service and assisted customer service models. It offers powerful and intelligent field, B2B and B2C solutions that allow customers to receive the service they want, when and where they need it.

Offer the right service anywhere and anytime

Oracle Service allows users to balance self-service and assisted customer service to build meaningful relationships across their customers’ preferred communication channels. Delivering a seamless, personalized and always-on customer service experience through a variety of digital tools, allowing service agents to focus on the most complex or scaled issues.

Automate and expand customer service

It also provides users with the ability to enhance CX through predictive service capabilities with AI technology, process automation and personalized responses designed for specific customers at the exact moment they need it. With Oracle Service, users can simultaneously optimize their customer service strategy and accelerate business transformation.

Simplify the human side of customer service

Oracle Service allows users to eliminate complexity for their contact center agents and field service technicians. Through unified applications, prescriptive and intuitive user interfaces, and the power of AI, organizations’ customer service teams can focus on building stronger relationships and delivering a better overall customer experience.

Strengthening external service teams

Oracle Field Service deepens customer communication, reduces no-shows, improves on-time arrival and ensures problems are fixed right, the first time. It improves the entire external service management process with a comprehensive solution that increases visibility and productivity. 

Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX)

This solution makes every customer interaction important by connecting all of a user’s business data through advertising, marketing, sales, commerce and service. Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX) offers a set of connected applications that goes beyond traditional CRM to help users create, manage, serve and nurture long-lasting customer relationships. Users can create a complete view of their customer and all interactions, no matter how, when, where or with whom they interact. 

Users can empower their entire company to deliver exceptional customer experiences, from acquisition to retention and everything in between.

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