Jamaica’s Port Authority integrates its billing with Oracle

Jamaica’s Port Authority integrates its billing with Oracle

The Port Authority of Jamaica is implementing Oracle Cloud ERP and is managing to reduce the process of tracking accounts payable invoices from hours to seconds.

The Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ) is an agency from the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation (MEGJC) and it’s responsible for the regulation and development of the island’s freight and maritime transportation.

It was founded in 1972 through a parliamentary decree and has since run the agencies responsible for controlling the largest docks and ports. In addition, PAJ manages Special Economic Zones (SEZ) facilities in Kingston, Montego Bay, and also oversees port management and real-estate management services in the SEZs generating over 12,000 jobs.

Faced with all this, PAJ began using Oracle EBS 20 years ago, but was now looking to go a step further. It wanted a system that was more efficient and allowed for both the integration of purchasing modules, budgeting and all other accounting functions to optimize times. That’s why the organization found in Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP the best solution to achieve such integration.

Choosing Oracle’s solution to solve the situation came about because, as Elva Williams-Richards, CFO of The Port Authority of Jamaica, explained, it allowed a transition to the cloud, which operates in real time and avoids manual processes that were previously mandatory for operators.

“We simply managed to do more work with Oracle. With Oracle Cloud ERP, we have real-time insights into what’s pending, and we can follow up orders,” she said. “It keeps us updated.”

Oracle Cloud ERP also has the ability to enable the efficient use of the tools that PAJ already had on site, resulting in a faster transition than with any other vendor, thereby creating an efficient and effective enterprise solution that is expandable to meet the changing needs of the PAJ.

On the other hand, the updates to this Oracle solution generated added value for PAJ.

“They flow seamlessly and do not require an ‘IT tech’ to execute. This is a great solution as it is applied by our own finance team,” said Williams-Richards.

With Oracle Cloud ERP, PAJ successfully integrated the purchasing module with purchases payable, which now tracks invoices and closes purchase orders in real time. Reminders are also generated if any items are scheduled to be paid or to be closed. In fact, a process of tracking accounts payable invoices that used to take hours, now only takes seconds, which also gets stored into the system.

The solution is cloud based with staff working anywhere with anytime access 24/7. The data analytics and dashboard capabilities are endless as it integrates with best-in-class tools.

This means that the communication between two departments within PAJ has improved. They are now direct partners so they can perfect the operation.

Likewise, the solution can be used from cell phones, in real time, which enables working from anywhere, which has directly reflected in the efficiency of PAJ operations. During the pandemic, for example, working with the solution allowed for seamless transactions from home.

Finally, since the department’s users use a similar system, now they’ve got the advantage of tracking requisitions and purchase orders, freeing upload and resources for the purchasing department.

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