Diebold Nixdorf uses IoT to increase ATM availability

Diebold Nixdorf uses IoT to increase ATM availability

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Diebold Nixdorf, a world leader in driving and connecting commerce for the banking and retail industries, has announced the launch of the AllConnect Data Engine (ACDE), the company’s new intelligent analytics system that combines elements such as the Internet of Things (IoT), service histories and Machine Learning (ML) to maximize the availability of ATMs worldwide.

Already present in Brazil, the service aims to learn how to predict and mitigate possible threats or failures that could hinder the correct functioning of the ATM equipment. For this, ACDE relies on sensors strategically installed at key points inside the machines and an extensive database, with a history of incidents and maintenance processes carried out by technicians throughout the global service ecosystem of Diebold Nixdorf.

Michel Seller, CIO, Diebold Nixdorf Brazil, said: “The big focus of AllConnect Data Engine is to make endpoint maintenance smarter and more proactive. Through the mix of technologies such as IoT, Big Data and ML with the experience accumulated by our professionals, we are able to cross and identify data patterns that allow us to anticipate potential incidents or even maximize the process of answering a call.”

According to Seller, the innovation brought by ACDE makes it possible to effectively monitor the performance of machines, evaluating in real time the components most susceptible to failure.

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