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Embratel and Nokia enhance Rumo’s railway operations

Embratel and Nokia enhance Rumo’s railway operations

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Embratel and Nokia have deployed digital solutions for Rumo creating more agility in real-time tracking of trains, communication with the operations center and in the use of applications even in areas with difficult access.

Embratel and Nokia have announced the provision of digital and connectivity solutions for Rumo, the largest railway operator in Brazil. With the contracted services, the company now has greater coverage, more autonomy in the locomotives sphere and faster, more agile and safer communication between trains and the control center.

In search of more speed and greater safety in terms of trains and their operators, Rumo seeks efficient connectivity for operations throughout its system, covering the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo, Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, Goiás and Tocantins.

The project encompasses several Embratel services such as data center, cloud, Wi-Fi, 4G-LTE connectivity and P2P radio, and management and monitoring of equipment on railways throughout Brazil. Nokia provides the necessary devices for connectivity and management, in addition to providing the necessary service aggregation routers on board for connectivity and management, which extend IP/MPLS services over cellular networks and WLAN, especially for critical mission services and IoT applications in diverse verticals such as energy, transportation and government.

Marcello Miguel, Executive Director of Marketing and Business, Embratel, said: “Embratel provides the customer with a secure and stable connection to optimize operations. The package of solutions contracted will transform the communications of Rumo’s trains nationwide, with management and monitoring carried out 24 hours a day, seven days a week by Embratel’s specialized team.”

The installation of Nokia’s industrial-strength handsets, resistant to specific compositional conditions such as high temperatures and excessive vibration, has already begun. The hardware, configured with Embratel’s intelligence and connectivity, securely receives and routes satellite, 4G–LTE, Wi-Fi and P2P radio connections inside the vehicle.

Through this equipment, Embratel intelligence, configured in the cloud and hosted at the company’s Lapa Data Center, one of the most modern in the country, defines which type of connection is most suitable during each stretch of the route, with automatic change in connectivity occurring when necessary. In stretches where the 4G signal is more effective than the satellite, for example, the device changes the connection used for communication and application use.

The project also involves a new broadband connectivity structure in a stretch of satellite shadow. With the contract, Embratel is responsible for providing 4G-LTE coverage in Serra do Mar, in the state of São Paulo, an area 45km in length that, due to its geographic characteristics, is not able to receive a signal via satellite and does not yet have a framework for 4G connection. In this stretch, in a sloping and dense forest area, the only form of connectivity will be 4G broadband, through LTE coverage structured by Embratel with the installation of Nokia equipment, antennas and integration of the customer’s transmission network with Embratel through the points of Embu-Guaçu and Paratinga.

Mário Rachid, Executive Director of Digital Solutions, Embratel, said: “The structure developed by Embratel, with the use of Nokia devices in the locomotives, in the data center and in the Serra do Mar section, in São Paulo, enhances Rumo’s operations, allowing for more agility in real-time tracking of trains, in communication with the operations center, in the exchange of data and in the use of applications even in areas with difficult access.”

The project starts a movement in the segment which is forecasted to have increasingly autonomous vehicles for decision-making. With technological evolutions and more robust connections, the future of the railway operator’s business is promising.

Roberto Rubio Potzmann, CIO, Rumo, said: “The use of Embratel and Nokia solutions provides us with an important advance.

“We are looking for constant evolution and we believe that this project will take our operations to a new level, making them safer and adding more and more quality to all the involved fronts.”

The supply of connectivity solutions for Rumo Logística in partnership with Nokia reinforces Embratel’s position as an integrator of complete, agile and secure digital and connectivity solutions for customers of different sizes and segments.

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