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Palmetto Plaza updates video security with Dahua Technology

Palmetto Plaza updates video security with Dahua Technology

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Dahua replaced an obsolete CCTV system at Palmetto Plaza in Cali, Colombia, and deployed a cutting edge digital networked video solution with a high impact on security and confidence.

Malls are always looking for more reliable cybersecurity technology solutions to keep their visitors feeling confident and happy. Dahua, workiing with Fortox, allowed Palmetto Plaza to take a lead on the security front while it became the top venue for shopping in Cali, Colombia.

Dahua Technology, along with its partner in Colombia Fortox Security Group, security consultants with a nationwide presence, designed an IP video surveillance solution that replaced the old analogue system CCTV that Palmetto Plaza shopping mall used to have.

Dahua is a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider. The company has a high-level group of R&D engineers and technical staff working on cutting-edge technologies in camera lenses, image sensors, video encoding and transmission, embedded processors, graphic processing, video analytics, software reliability, network security and other technologies.

The beginning

Palmetto Plaza opened its doors in 2004 thanks to the support of a group of entrepreneurs from the region who dreamed of a place where local citizens and tourists would find a wide range of commercial, services and entertainment offerings.

Palmetto Plaza was born in what was then considered the south of Cali with 204 private units between stores, islands and kiosks, 1,352 parking spaces in two basements and 87 for motorcycles, escalators, elevators, the main square and a food court.

Palmetto quickly managed to become a benchmark of modernity and innovation due to its architectural concept, the quality of its exteriors and the recognized brands that land on this 73,000 m2 boosting commerce, generating employment and progress in the city.

Migrating CCTV to digital technology

The migration project from the analogue closed-circuit television to a networked system began with the design and implementation of structured cabling in both fiber optics and copper, until finding the CCTV solution that best suited its needs. The Palmetto Plaza shopping center entrusted Fortox, as security consultants, with the search for a technology that would allow it to take an important step towards the optimization and operation of the mall in the service of the city.

“When evaluating the solutions offered in the market, we decided to work with Dahua because the company offers Artificial Intelligence applications within its portfolio, which allowed us to transcend from a system dedicated solely to security and control, to a system which will also contribute to other areas of the shopping center, integrating the Smart Retail solution into the circuit, offering BI statistics to the mall for further analysis,” said Efren Mauricio Matabanchoy Romo, Project Engineer at Fortox Security Group.

“In addition, we integrated the temperature monitoring solution and visualization control into the system using a Dahua video wall.”

Dahua Technology and its specialized engineering group carried out the construction of this design with its high-quality hardware and software products, always focused on solving the initial need of the shopping center and thinking about generating an added value to its visitors and internal customers.

Chao Wu, General Manager of Dahua Technology Colombia, said: “As a result of teamwork, we were able to implement more than an IP video surveillance system, we designed a solution with the latest technology and Artificial Intelligence, unique in the city of Cali, which allows Palmetto Plaza to provide greater security to its visitors and trade merchants.”

Related to the terms of security, through the Dahua equipment installed by Fortox, Palmetto Plaza can perform 24-hour monitoring and intelligent data analysis.

“Likewise, through the Dahua Smart retail software, unique in the city of Cali, we generate added value to the merchants who have placed their trust in Palmetto Plaza,” said Wu. “Smart Retail is not only a solution that guarantees maximum security for customers in the shopping center, it is also a revolutionary new tool for Big Data that is vital for malls’ management to make an efficient and correct decision depending on the moment.”

Better security means business

Sandra Navas, Palmetto Plaza Shopping Mall Manager, said: “This technology has generated more confidence among visitors and merchants. The start-up of this implementation has put us at the forefront of Colombian retail in the video surveillance area, and has also allowed us to achieve a level of satisfaction in terms of security higher than 92%.”

This system allows Fortox, the security company that works with Palmetto Plaza, to integrate the requirements requested by the client with a single technology platform.

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