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Latin American executives willing to resume business trips

Latin American executives willing to resume business trips

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A recent Wakefield study, sponsored by SAP Concur, reveals practically all Latin American business travelers are willing to return to international routes in the next 12 months.

The study found that 99% of participants responded positively to the possibility of resuming travel. Even 77% said they were ‘very willing’, well above the 65% world average.

“In a still uncertain world, the existence of solutions such as SAP Concur, which allow flexible management of reservations with all travel providers and obtain real-time alerts on social, political or health problems, among other benefits, become key allies to fulfill this desire of business travelers to return to the state on the road,” said Albana Llaneza, Regional Account Manager, SAP Concur.

The main concerns expressed in the survey about not being able to resume the pace of travel prior to the pandemic are focused on making less money (45%), stopping the evolution of their professional career (41%) and having difficulties developing and maintaining networking (39%).

Asked for their goals beyond business matters, business travelers in the region admitted that they wanted to travel to experience new places (67% verses 52% globally) and make personal connections with clients and colleagues (66%), in addition to taking a break from their everyday life (48%).

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