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Huawei offers increased privacy and security with Petal Maps

Huawei offers increased privacy and security with Petal Maps

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Petal Maps manages the user’s browsing data without compromising their information and their security.

The digital age has concerned people with a general concern about the use of personal information that devices and applications store. Privacy seems invaded and security increasingly fragile with massive attacks on the network. This is why Huawei provides greater security to users through their devices and applications, as evidenced by the location and mobility app Petal Maps.

Information deconstruction for greater security

One of the safest digital data protection strategies in the digital world is randomness and fragmentation. This means separating the different information data into pieces and generating a reading system for them that allows the search function to be carried out. In this way, the main problem of other systems and apps that have constant data collection is avoided: user profiling.

This profiling occurs because the vast majority of these apps store the information to facilitate the search when it is repetitive. For example, when we put the same address to go to work, or when we visit someone very often, those movement points are saved. If someone gets to access this data, they can see our profiles and know where we are constantly moving.

The Petal Maps system creates a random identification in each session so that the information can never be related to a single profile. Likewise, the data is very limited and scattered so that someone who can access it can conclude something about a specific user. And, to help user safety, navigation data and points of interest are masked to prevent someone who accesses this data from knowing a real or precise position.

Full data control

Many apps save user information on servers to facilitate management and to do so, the permissions they need are just the basic ones for installing the app when people open and accept everything without seeing what they share. Huawei seeks to offer greater control and privacy of this data, that is why it has a special section in the user settings that allows you to activate or deactivate the type of information that is being shared with the application. In this way, only the data that the user authorizes can be managed and stored on the servers.

Likewise, Huawei adds a second layer of security in Petal Maps that encrypts information from end to end. This can be assimilated as a secret language that can only be spoken by the server and our device. To see this secret language, the person must-have the key that translates it. Therefore, even if a hacker could break into a server and steal the data, he would have no way of reading it since he would need the specific keys of each user.

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