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Kong introduces load balancing concept ZeroLB

Kong introduces load balancing concept ZeroLB

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Kong has unveiled a new concept called ZeroLB and a breakthrough pattern for load balancing.                         

ZeroLB is a modern, decentralized load balancing pattern that aims to remove every load balancer that is being deployed in front of individual services and applications. In this capacity, ZeroLB eliminates the need for elastic cloud load balancers, software load balancers and hardware load balancers from the equation.

Martin Casado, Co-founder, Nicira, said: “ZeroLB is a fundamental concept to adopt in a decentralised world.”  

Marco Palladino, CTO and Co-founder, Kong, added: “Traditional load balancers were built for the monolithic era and don’t work well with today’s cloud-native applications because they are slow and create points of failure that cause businesses to lose customers and sales.

“I’m thrilled to be spearheading this effort at Kong to evangelise the ZeroLB movement, where legacy load balancing as we know it within the network is dead. Kong is introducing a new way of building load balancers for today’s modern era of software architectures by decentralising it.”        

ZeroLB reduces costs, improves network performance by removing extra hops in the network, removes complexity in applications and gives access to more advanced self-healing capabilities, while simultaneously maximizing portability across every environment and every cloud.

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