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Qualys introduces Zero-Touch Patching for proactive vulnerability remediation

Qualys introduces Zero-Touch Patching for proactive vulnerability remediation

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Qualys has announced it is integrating Zero-Touch Patching capabilities into Qualys Patch Management. 

Zero-Touch Patch ensures that companies’ endpoints and servers are proactively updated as soon as patches are available, reducing their overall attack surface.

“Endpoint security needs to concentrate on taking intelligence from detection and response workflows for better prevention and Qualys is uniquely positioned to leverage both vulnerability and threat intelligence insights in its patching solution,” said Chris Kissel, Research Director, IDC’s Security and Trust Products Group.

“Cleverly, Qualys’ approach of taking patch remediation a step further with the addition of zero-touch automation eliminates non-caustic threats like always patching Chrome or iTunes.”

Most vulnerability remediation involves multiple teams and processes – first, a scanning tool identifies vulnerabilities and then they are passed to the patching team for remediation.

This is a pain point for organizations and leads to extra resources, costs and longer exposure times. A lack of alignment between vulnerability and patch processes and the manual efforts required for vulnerability remediation are among the key causes of delayed patching.  Qualys Patch Management leverages the Qualys Cloud Platform and cloud agents to help IT and security teams quickly and efficiently remediate vulnerabilities and patch systems.

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