Yduqs invests in Digital Transformation with Salesforce

Yduqs invests in Digital Transformation with Salesforce

Yduqs, an education technology and services group with more than 1.1 million students all over Brazil, has become the newest customer of Salesforce, a global leader in CRM.

Yduqs will leverage its Digital Transformation process, started a few years ago, in order to elevate the experience of students and candidates to the highest level in the market, similar to what happened in digital education.

Yduqs’ Digital Transformation process with Salesforce is based on three main fundamentals.

They are: to increase student satisfaction through personalized service; to improve the candidate experience by streamlining the creation of marketing campaigns and offering targeted communication for each individual; and to make the education group a prestigious place to work, facilitating the integration and exchange of information between teams and promoting working methods based on agile methodology.

In this initiative, Yduqs will use as indicators the Net Promoter Score (NPS) of students, the effectiveness of communication campaigns with candidates and employee’s satisfaction surveys.

Rossano Marques, Vice President of Corporate Operations at Yduqs, said: “Today, more than 80% of the transactions we carry out with our students are digital. We work with a very agile model of digital development. Our digital journey is deep and permanent, not restricted to isolated groups, working independently. From now on, we are going to count on all of Salesforce’s expertise make progress.”

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