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Embratel launches solution and expands its presence in Edge Computing

Embratel launches solution and expands its presence in Edge Computing

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Embratel Cloud Edge already has infrastructure available for the regions of São Paulo, Curitiba and Brasília and will soon have coverage all over Brazil.

Embratel, one of the main IT and telecom service providers in Brazil, has launched the new Embratel Cloud Edge solution, which allows the data processing to be closer to the collection point, serving applications that depend on high performance (low latency in response).

By using Embratel Cloud Edge, the business market has access to an infrastructure that provides a shorter response time for cloud applications, streamlining the sending and receiving of data and saving networks.

The new product provides greater storage capacity and guarantees computing power to process information in real time in a distributed and secure way for companies in all sectors, such as agribusiness, e-commerce, finances, government, education, Smart Cities, industry 4.0, and also to Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications.

With the new solution, infrastructure can be designed where data is processed at the Edge, instead of being sent directly to a central structure or to the cloud. This decision is implemented through sorting mechanisms defined at the Edge, which follow the demands of each business. All this process helps to reduce the bandwidth required for communication between applications, network and various data access points.

Mário Rachid, Executive Director of Digital Solutions, Embratel, said: “Cloud has been one of the biggest enablers of Digital Transformation in recent years. With Edge Computing, businesses will be able to go to the next level of digitization. The increase of devices, especially IoT, which demand the transmission of large data volumes, requires a better use of bandwidth.

“Embratel Cloud Edge provides lower latency, bandwidth savings, decentralized data processing, stability and constant availability for critical operations, making communications between companies and devices more agile,” said Rachid.

The Embratel Cloud Edge solution is already available in three regions: São Paulo, Curitiba and Brasília. The regions served by the solution will be interconnected by a very low latency network to provide fast and real-time data collection and delivery.

Embratel’s new product is sold as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) to provide companies more autonomy in their operations, as they can hire and manage computing, storage and network resources according to their demands, paying only as needed and used.

The offer also provides flexibility and savings by not charging for traffic between regions. As a differential, the solution also enables scalability by applying auto-scale policies to support the peak usage times of each business.

Diuliana França, Cloud Services Director, Embratel, said: “Embratel Cloud Edge will benefit businesses that need services with more performance in data delivery, greater agility and quality in communication with teams, providing access to resources as it is needed. This means a more interesting and productive experience for users, wherever they are.”

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