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Populos launches SmartClient for workplaces

Populos launches SmartClient for workplaces

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Smaller and more economic than a conventional desktop, the equipment brings processing and memory, provides flexible working environments, offers quality audio and video and has Windows IoT.

Aiming to fill a gap in the market, providing complete virtualization solutions, from infrastructure to terminals, Populos, a leading company in Latin America in end-user computing, infrastructure and cloud, has established a partnership with Positivo Servers & Solutions, a company specialized in production and sale of servers, storage, mini-PCs and other IT infrastructure solutions to develop Populos SmartClient Positivo.

The platform, focused on the best customer experience, has arrived on the market to absorb different workloads with high performance and to provide easy access to files and critical applications with total network security, in the cloud or in the data center.

Paulo Asano, CEO, Populos, said: “We were looking for an alternative device with better performance than the ‘dumb terminal’, without the high costs of desktop computers and laptops, especially at a time when the dollar exchange rate is high and the lack of basic components substantially raised the equipment’s price.”

For the CEO of Positivo Servers & Solutions, Silvio Ferraz de Campos, the partnership with Populos represents meeting a market demand repressed by the growth of remote work.

“When we were approached by Populos, which is one of the main providers of virtualization and hyperconvergence in the country, to join efforts in the delivery of virtualization packages that includes equipment that has already been configured, we could see the enormous and evolving potential for solutions like this in medium and large companies,” said Campos.

Populos SmartClient Positivo comes with Windows IoT installed. Moreover, it is fully compatible with Citrix solutions for work areas, management and support, including management and analytical reporting. It also works with peripherals such as cameras, scanners and printers, among others, via USB 2.0, 3.0 and type C ports; plus HDMI and SD card inputs. The product will be sold exclusively by Populos, as a part of the workspace and infrastructure solutions package, with prices starting at BRL$ 1,799.00.

Luan Prado, Head of Solutions, Populos, said: “We are not going to create a new business area, neither do we intend to enter the hardware sales sector. Our purpose is to increase solutions with low cost and high-performance equipment. The idea is to enable projects with our customers, making it easier for employees to have immediate access to the terminals, without having to reinstall programs or reprogram systems.”

According to Prado, the projection for this year is that 35% of all Citrix projects will be delivered with the installation of SmartClient as a means of access to employees. Starting in 2022, the plan is to offer the equipment to all Citrix projects undertaken by  the integrator.

Green IT: economy and high performance technology

For Positivo’s CEO, Campos, the SmartClients market has been increased mainly by the growth of remote and hybrid work in the last year, and the tendency is for it to remain that way.

“This type of equipment has numerous advantages and in addition to being lighter and more compact, it is Green IT, which means it is more economical, consumes less energy and requires less physical space. As it has no moving parts, being fanless and heats less, it has a longer service life. In addition, its Intel processor with four cores, solid disk and 4 and 8 GB RAM guarantee stability, allowing applications to run faster,” said Campos.

From Populos point of view, the possibility of delivering intelligent and secure terminals, with a good performance and with attractive prices, was decisive when choosing Positivo Servers & Solutions as a business partner.

“Especially with Citrix solutions, the challenge was to optimize the employee experience with access devices focused on productivity and digital well-being, more compatible with the operational needs of companies and with the best cost-benefit ratio in the market,” said Asano.

Available in 2k and 4k versions, Populos SmartClient Positivo has high performance compared to conventional ‘thin clients’ or ‘zero clients’, including support for up to two monitors with the best audio and video resolution. Compatible with the main video meeting tools, the product also brings native optimization for Microsoft Teams, cutting-edge connectivity for more robust applications and automation in deployment without needing a VPN.

The equipment is completely ‘plug and play’. The setting is automatic and Populos SmartClient Positivo can be used immediately after the first access, the user just needs to log in and enter the password to enter their desktop and easily find the files and software they usually use.

About Populos

Populos is a specialist leader in Latin America in end-user Computing, Infrastructure and cloud. Its solutions allow people, data and applications to be available and accessible in a simple, secure and unified way. Named in 2019 by Citrix as Latin America and Caribbean Partner of the Year, Brazil Partner of the Year and Workspace and Cloud Partner of the Year, the company is focused on reinventing how work is done.

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