Nestlé Nescafé deploys EcoStruxure Asset Advisor to ensure always-on operational resiliency

Nestlé Nescafé deploys EcoStruxure Asset Advisor to ensure always-on operational resiliency

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor allow power systems to be visible and remotely managed around the clock, delivering productivity, efficiency and maintenance benefits to Nestlé’s plant.

Schneider Electric, a leader in the Digital Transformation of energy management and automation, has deployed its award-winning EcoStruxure Asset Advisor software at Nescafé‘s Toluca Complex in Mexico City.

Producing approximately one million jars of coffee a day, the Nestlé Nescafé plant in Toluca, Mexico, is the largest production facility for Nescafé and is key to Nestlé ’s overall global operations.

In 2013, the company expanded the plant’s production capacity by 40% by investing approximately US$125 million, making it the largest soluble coffee facility in the world. With the plant responsible for more than one million jars of coffee produced daily, preventing downtime is critical for Nestlé’s operations.

Improving uptime reliability, greater visibility and operational flexibility

Prior to Asset Advisor, maintenance was reactive. There were eight unplanned shortages in one year, including a short-circuit inside an unmonitored section of the main substation that resulted in a 14-hour shutdown, costing the company approximately US$588,000 with production faltering.

As service continuity is central to the production plant, EcoStruxure allowed Nestlé to move to predictive maintenance, letting teams resolve issues proactively to avoid costly disruptions that could cost up to US$52,000 per hour.

Implementing Asset Advisor gave Nestlé real-time visibility into its electrical equipment, allowing engineers to remotely monitor assets. By relying on data analytics to dictate service intervals, the electrical teams at Nestlé can now spend less time reacting to issues and the plant’s equipment spends more time performing optimally.

Frédéric Godemel, Executive Vice President for Power Systems and Services at Schneider Electric, said: “We’ve been seeing strong Services growth in our business, and we understand the importance of mission-critical systems and how it is non-negotiable for major production operation like the Toluca complex.

“With our EcoStruxture software, we are committed to providing customers like Nescafé with greater visibility, increased resilience and flexibility to improve their operational efficiency without the added costs and strain on the environment, and we are ultimately seen as the go-to-services expert in critical industries.”

Luis Gilberto López Páez, Electricity Specialist in Nestlé Toluca Cafés, said: “With a plant as large as Nestlé Nescafé, ensuring reliability of all the electrical systems is a particularly involved task.

“Across our operational network, we have been deploying flexible and scalable digital solutions to enhance our responsiveness, and the move to partner Schneider Electric was a natural one – having already collaborated in our production facilities in France and Switzerland.

“Since deployment, EcoStruxure Asset Advisor has allowed us to identify hot spots and attack them before they become a problem – saving us costly downtime, greatly enhancing our ability to respond quickly to changes in demand and ultimately better service our customers and reduce our operational carbon footprint.”

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