Port of Valparaíso increases its security to the highest international standards

Port of Valparaíso increases its security to the highest international standards

Terminal Pacífico Sur in Valparaíso, Chile, improves its security and operations with Genetec Security Center.

Terminal Pacífico Sur (TPS) is the main container port in Valparaíso, Chile, 110 kilometers northeast of the capital city of Santiago. This proximity makes it a strategic point in the country’s commercial distribution, as over 50% of the population and domestic economic activity is concentrated in central Chile.

The port moves 95% of its cargo in containers and the remaining 5% is general shipping cargo of iron, copper or palletized fruit, during the summer season. The concession of the port to TPS began in the year 2000 and it is granted until the year 2029.

Facing the challenge

Since the beginning of its operation as a port, TPS has had the fundamental goal of being a benchmark for ports in the Americas, starting with the issue of security.

This gave rise to the need to implement a video surveillance system that could allow the team to secure and monitor the security perimeter and barriers, both on the seaward side and at the various shoreside access points.

The initial need was for a robust video surveillance system with capacity to operate without downtime 24/7.

TPS initially opted for the Genetec Security Center Omnicast video surveillance system, with the aim of ensuring perimeter security. However, thanks to the robust nature of the platform, TPS is also now using the system to track cargo, to strictly comply with occupational safety and environmental regulations, and also to obtain extremely valuable business intelligence information and data, resulting in operational efficiency improvements.

Camilo Jobet Weisser, Deputy Sales Manager, TPS, said: “Today, we have over 250 cameras with Security Center Omnicast that are monitored by a specialist team. We have gradually been implementing more business intelligence to make the job easier and to complement our cargo security strategy, port security, and also our overall goal of preventing accidents.”

Greater and better security with high availability

This solution has enabled it to work with preconfigured tasks and cameras with specific windows, which helps operators quickly see what is happening at the terminal.

In addition, thanks to the failover functionalities, operators feel more at ease knowing that in the event a server fails, another will automatically become active to guarantee the operation and high availability of the system 24/7.

Cargo tracking and improved incident response time

Security Center Omnicast helps to detect abnormal movements in the yards, as well as the exact position or change in position of any container or truck. Operators can use the cameras to check if the trucks are located in the correct position and if the containers are moving to the right place, which translates to accurate cargo movement tracking.

If missing cargo is reported, operators can use the Security Center Omnicast quick search functionality to perform forensic camera searches and quickly track the movement of goods and cargo within the port.

Response and investigation time have also improved thanks to the pre-configured virtual patrols, with the cameras and the quick search.

Infrastructure optimization with Streamvault appliances have helped TPS to optimize the infrastructure and support the huge data traffic within the port.

In addition, as they are pre-installed with Security Center and tools to monitor the health of the system and updates, the installation and maintenance time is relatively short.

Beyond the perimeter security of the port, security measures for port workers are very strict. For example, the use of cell phones or smoking in the yards or in restricted areas is prohibited. With Security Center Omnicast, operators can quickly detect when these regulations are broken and take the necessary corrective measures. The system also helps to optimize traffic within the port.

Gabriel Tumani Carmi, Operations Manager, TPS, said: “What was previously only a perimeter issue, has led not only to security, but to safety as well. The software is already helping us in the continuous improvement of the terminal.”

TPS has been gradually implementing more business intelligence tools to improve efficiency and to align with cargo security and safety standards.

Thanks to the Security Center reports and dashboards, TPS has seen opportunities for growth for the operation and the analysis of data that enables the logging and reporting of theft, damages and accident risk factors, among other things. This information is extremely useful in the management of compliance with suitable processes and retraining campaigns aimed at workers and visitors.

Thanks to the implementation of the Genetec Security Center Omnicast, TPS has fulfilled its goal of being a benchmark for optimal levels of operation and security in ports worldwide.

Rodrigo Torres Arriagada, Video Platform Manager, TPS, said: “We have had a rather close relationship with Genetec for some years now. The solution has given us immense peace of mind. Our terminal is one of the most secure, if not the most secure, in Chile. Today, Genetec helps us to respond and find permanent solutions.”

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