Chile’s largest law firm Carey selects iManage Cloud

Chile’s largest law firm Carey selects iManage Cloud

Latin American powerhouse embraces powerful cloud-based knowledge work platform for its 500 legal professionals, to enable a modern work experience while lessening the IT burden.

iManage has announced that Carey – ranked by Chambers and Partners as the Chilean law firm of the year eight separate times, including in 2021 – has selected iManage Cloud as the comprehensive platform for document and email management and secure collaboration across the organization.

As an iManage customer for almost two decades, Carey saw the move to iManage Cloud as a way to reduce the complexity of managing IT in-house alongside modernizing its user experience by leveraging iManage Work 10.

“It’s been clear for a while that cloud is the future,” said Jaime Carey, Managing Partner of Carey. “Moving from an on-premises deployment of iManage Work to iManage Cloud is a strategic choice by our firm to deliver a modern user experience and to keep pace with the innovation of the foremost firms across the world.”

Carey is working with iManage partner, Tecnolex, on the move to iManage Cloud, which will require migrating 11 terabytes of data and nearly 30 million documents and emails.

An ISO27001-certified company, Tecnolex is an experienced iManage partner, skilled in migrating large amounts of confidential data. Tecnolex’s strategic insight, technology expertise and practical experience forms a critical component of Carey’s technology planning and execution.

The deployment is currently scheduled to go live in March 2022, giving Carey’s 500 legal professionals – including 270 lawyers – the ability to be productive from anywhere, on any device, while ensuring that their IT environment is always up-to-date and incorporates all available best practices and security protections.

“Choosing iManage Cloud, rather than trying to build and maintain a cloud on-premises, just makes sense for any law firm, even those with only 10 or 20 users,” said Sebastian Carey, CEO of Tecnolex.

“While iManage is handling the cloud, the IT department can focus its time and energy on the legal workflows that matter to Carey’s legal professionals and help drive better business outcomes.”

Staying at the forefront in all areas

iManage Cloud will provide the firm with a competitive advantage in several important respects, including interactions with clients.

“Work 10 provides the productivity, collaboration, and integration capabilities to make our lawyers’ lives easier in their day-to-day work and interactions with their clients,” said Jaime Carey. “We serve clients all over the world, and the General Counsels we interact with are very familiar with iManage.

“They understand the value that iManage delivers, and they appreciate working with a law firm who also understands the benefits it brings.”

Additionally, Carey feels that having the latest technology and being on a modern knowledge work platform will be important for attracting and retaining talent within the law firm.

“On-going training and development of our professionals is important to our firm,” said Jaime Carey.

“When we send our associates to participate in foreign associate programs at the major law firms in New York and in London, our goal is to ensure they are either equal to or more advanced than the associates in those firms from a technological perspective. Moving to iManage Cloud ensures our professionals are staying on the cutting edge.”

Neil Araujo, iManage CEO, said: “Having Chile’s largest full-service law firm select iManage Cloud is a clear testament to the value long-time customers see in changing the way they deliver a comprehensive knowledge work platform to their professionals.

“By making the move to iManage Cloud, Carey is enabling the firm to work smarter, more productively and more securely while gaining greater IT agility. The importance of these benefits cannot be overstated in an increasingly competitive legal environment.”

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