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Cordillera Products partners with Oracle to transform seven of its companies

Cordillera Products partners with Oracle to transform seven of its companies

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Oracle partners withCordillera Products in Colombia to fulfill its transition to the cloud.

Oracle is the partner of Cordillera Products in its transition to the cloud to facilitate access to information, standardize processes and unify its most significant headquarters in the region.

When talking about Cordillera Products we are talking about finish materials for construction, pharmaceutical and commercial packaging, canvas, advertising material, synthetic leather, leather goods and footwear. The company is a retailer of industrial products that constantly seeks innovation to deliver first-rate products to customers.

Operating in 13 countries in Latin America and with more than 25 years of experience, Cordillera Products is clear that quality and excellence are the keys to growth within a market that seeks dynamism, efficiency and competitiveness.

However, with the COVID 19 pandemic, the pace of work changed a lot then the company could no longer rely on rigid information and a resource planning system that was not at the same speed as their decision making.

According to Ximena Díaz, Administrative and Human Resources Manager of the region, the company identified the need to update its systems to obtain reliable, quality and real-time information.

For this purpose, they looked for a provider that could meet the new requirements. Oracle was the best option with the implementation of Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

It also ensures that managers can now make decisions based on up-to-date data and use it with customers and suppliers, while employees access information without being bound to their workplace as they were before.

“We reduced the delivery of monthly financial information to directors and partners to six days. The information that Oracle gives us to follow up on the KPIs of all areas is immediate. The ease of this tool allowed us to implement seven companies in seven months,” said Díaz.

This has contributed to establishing order, having a global vision of the business and standardizing the organization’s processes to adapt to new and best practices in each of the countries where it operates, assuming the local cultural complexities and work customs that are specific in each territory. An example is that they have managed to comply on time with the requirements of the different countries in legal and tax matters.

“Oracle helped reduce risk and brought order in our processes, adapting to the best practices in the region,” said Díaz.

Oracle contributed to identifying key processes and possible improvements for the business since it reduced accounting closing times by at least 50%, thus delivering information more quickly to stakeholders, enabling decision making and accelerating it.

Part of this success has been due to teamwork. Fabiano Matos, Manager of Oracle Colombia and Ecuador, said: “With the support of Oracle Consulting, the implementation team managed to go beyond cultural and labor differences to consolidate orderly and standard protocols. We are very proud to be part of this Digital Transformation, as this company has had significant benefits.

“I highlight the reduction in accounting closing times, access to information in real-time, organizational culture based on key indicators, performance standards, common procedures, financial and internal control improvement.”

A part of the human resources team supervised the master data, while others were dedicated and specialized in each of the modules of the technological solution.

When referring to the unification process that has involved evaluating, training end-users and preparing the production environment, Díaz added: “We felt the support of Oracle, which was always with us throughout the process. It met our expectations much more than we thought. We did not think we would achieve this implementation in so many companies in such a short time.”

Due to the time savings, Cordillera Products is getting ready to implement new internal projects within the company that continues to drive Digital Transformation and market positioning.

Ximena Díaz, Administrative Manager of Cordillera Products, told us about the solution adopted.

What need was considered to find a solution to be implemented?

We wanted to have visibility of the business in a timely and reliable way, with information in real-time and without depending on third parties to process the information. We had a custom-built system but it had lagged behind technological advances.

Why did you choose to work with this provider?

For its extensive experience worldwide in information systems for companies in different sectors of the industry and it offered the best solution according to the objective of our business.

How does the new system integrate with your existing systems?

It works well through integrations that were built at deployment time.

How do your customers benefit from the new system? To what extent has the system prepared your company for the future?

By having a more reliable information backup, any process that we must carry out facilitates the control of operations, generating more agile responses. The system has helped us to attend to any request with the comfort of using a cell phone or a tablet from anywhere. Our operations are not slowed down at any time and therefore we can attend to any request in real-time.

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