Smiles utilizes Dynatrace to optimize customers’ digital experience

Smiles utilizes Dynatrace to optimize customers’ digital experience

The company invests in intelligent observability of technological environments, increasing the availability of solutions and real-time performance analysis.

Dynatrace, a leader in software intelligence, has announced that Smiles, a travel platform in Brazil, is using its software intelligence solution to optimize the digital experience of its customers and business teams.

Through Dynatrace advanced observability resources, Smiles now has unified management of its entire technological ecosystem and real-time analysis of the performance of its applications.

As a result, the company could increase the availability of its services and broaden its perception of the journey of its consumers, using the technology as an efficient strategy factor for the operating business.

Luiz Borrego, CIO, Smiles

Luiz Borrego, CIO, Smiles, said: “Smiles is a 100% digital travel platform that uses technology to serve its customers. In this context, counting on Dynatrace has been fundamental to help us increase the availability of our solutions while reducing the complexity faced by our IT team.”

“With this partnership, we can now follow different layers and tools present in our networks and expand our capacity for innovation to meet the demands of user experience.”

According to the CIO, the use of Dynatrace software intelligence platform aimed to simplify the analysis and management of technology resources within the organization, reinforcing the positioning of the IT department as a strategic partner for the business.

“Our biggest challenge has always been to find ways to reduce the complexity of digital environments, translating all available information and alerts into knowledge to make faster and more assertive decisions,” said Borrego.

“Today, Dynatrace brings us this capability by allowing the complete observability of applications and, more than that, by offering the opportunity to transform isolated indicators and dashboards into unified and thoughtful insights to help our business.”

Adriano Sarno Barbosa, IT Manager, Smiles, explains that the customer journey needed to be simplified.

“That was very complex with many mistakes that we could not see. Dynatrace came to give us the ability to comprehend this and help us fix the flaws. Before, it took days to identify a problem that today is down to hours, if not minutes or seconds,” said Barbosa.

Robson Agostini, IT, Architecture, Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Manager, Smiles, highlighted that the advantages caused by the adoption of advanced observability resources go beyond the ability to manage networks.

He said: “Dynatrace has allowed us to be much more efficient. The ability to correlate information from different sources and formats, plus Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other technologies, allows us to act much more proactively and intelligently in our decision making.”

Highlighting the ‘self-healing’ resources available on the Dynatrace platform, Agostini added: “Another aspect to consider is the feature that allows incident responses to be fully automated, with almost no human interaction. This streamlines and increases the operational efficiency of the business.”

Roberto de Carvalho, Vice-President for South America, Dynatrace Brazil, said: “When we talk about observability, we are talking about something much bigger than simply monitoring network performance.

“For us, observability is going beyond this ability to monitor processes, allowing organizations to have real intelligence so that IT teams can understand each interaction in the systems. In addition, they can understand how to guarantee the highest performance of applications.”

Carvalho also emphasizes that, among other benefits, the orchestration resulting from the platform helps to leverage business development actions, uniting technology and operations within a single and complete dashboard.

“Being able to understand the complexity of technology environments to enhance and improve customer experience is vital for any company,” he said. “It is the great opportunity we seek to offer from our Dynatrace software intelligence platform.

“We are certain that, in a highly connected and usability-centric world, offering simpler, more practical and faster answers is an advantage that companies cannot give up to be ready for the future.”

“With the intelligence of Dynatrace, we can put aside the technical language to talk to our users and customers about the business. That is the best result we have.”

“We want to continue this partnership, understanding more what matters to our consumers and expanding this strategic layer to what the IT area can offer. I am sure this is the future,” Borrego said.

“Within our development pipeline, Dynatrace plays a key role. What we want is to automate 100%.”

About Smiles

Smiles is the most complete travel platform in Brazil, bringing together a diverse range of products and services, from airline tickets, hotels, car rentals and tourist tours to fuel supply credits, in addition to extensive e-commerce with thousands of products from the main retailers in the country. As a GOL airline loyalty program, it has been available for over 25 years and counts around 18 million members. Smiles also operates in Argentina.

The purpose of GOL is to promote human evolution through travel. The company does it by being the gateway to travelers’ dreams and inspiring projects, accompanying clients in their daily lives and during trips through tips, itineraries, experiences, content and many offers that go beyond accumulating miles and redeeming flights and products.

Smiles has an extensive network of travel partners and with the leading banking institutions in the country.

In 2020, its credit card, GOL Smiles, started offering many benefits to the customer, including one of the best multipliers in the market, offering up to four redeemable miles per dollar spent. The company has more than 50 partner airlines that fly to more than 1,600 destinations worldwide.

Recognized for pioneering and innovative services, the company offers the longest validity period of miles in the market, ranging from three to 20 years and offers services and products that provide the best and most complete experience. In 2021, it was considered the best loyalty program of the year by the IBest award, which annually selects the best professionals and companies in the digital market.

About Dynatrace

Dynatrace provides software intelligence to simplify cloud complexity and accelerate Digital Transformation. With advanced observability, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and full automation, the all-in-one platform provides answers, not just data, about application performance, the underlying infrastructure and the experience of all users.

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