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DHL Supply Chain presents ESG results for Latin America

DHL Supply Chain presents ESG results for Latin America

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A total of 52% of DHL Supply Chain buildings in the region are neutral and the company aims to have zero emissions in its distribution centers by 2025.

DHL Supply Chain, a leading global logistics company and part of the Deutsche Post DHL Group, has presented its annual summary of actions in line with the accelerated decarbonization plan announced in March 2021.

The summary set targets concerning the Environment, Social Responsibility and Governance (ESG), among which the reduction of CO2 emissions stands out, as well as the increase in the sustainable fleet throughout the region.

The document ESG: Actions for Sustainability reports the actions and commitments on which the company is working to improve the lives of employees, customers and the communities where it operates.

Javier Bilbao, CEO, DHL Supply Chain in Latin America, said: “To strengthen our sustainability actions, we have more than 5,400 employees certified as GoGreen experts. The capabilities generated by this certification have helped us to promote our goals of improving the environment and competitiveness and aligning us with the sustainable goals of our customers.”

ESG: Impact on logistics in Latin America

Regarding the environment, DHL Supply Chains focus on providing ‘clean’ operations for climate protection. Especially in Latin America, the company already has 52% of buildings recognized as neutral (in Mexico and Brazil) and some have received LEED Certifications.

In the transport sector, in addition to electric propulsion, some vehicles dedicated to the cold chain use integrated solar panels for greater efficiency.

The company has also implemented a new configuration of its control tower, which optimizes the operation of trucks and routes, achieving CO2 emission reductions. Promoting increased transport efficiency, the company has already avoided the emission of more than 1,616 tons of CO2.

Brazil is one of the countries in Latin America where the DHL Supply Chain has advanced the most. The first tests with electric vans began in 2016 and the company bought its first electric truck in 2021.

Currently, the fleet contains 70 vehicles. The company still uses bicycles, gas and other alternative fuel vehicles for urban deliveries.

In 2020, the first distribution center was launched with a solar power plant to generate almost all the necessary energy.

This installation also adds other good sustainable practices, such as using waste and measures for the rational use of water and lighting, which ensured the LEED GOLD and LEED PLATINUM certifications.

Regarding the social pillar, DHL Supply Chain Latin America employees dedicated more than 33,571 hours of volunteer work, benefiting more than 69,202 people and 844 civil society organizations.

Among the most important programs to which the company has dedicated itself, ‘Women on the Road’ stands out for the main objective of hiring women to drive electric vehicles in Brazil. There are already 32 female drivers and the goal is to reach 140 by 2022.

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