Infrastructure solutions that meet the demands of digital organizations

Infrastructure solutions that meet the demands of digital organizations

SONDA, a major integrator of technology solutions in Latin America, has updated its infrastructure with Dell Technologies to enhance its offer of solutions and services aimed at solving the transformation and digitization needs of organizations throughout the region.

For more than four decades, SONDA has been focused on transforming and making available technological solutions and services that allow for greater efficiency, agility and growth for its clients.

To do this, it has a broad portfolio based on infrastructure and value-added services that respond to the needs of all areas of industry, public or private, and sectors such as retail, government, mining and transportation.

Rodrigo Farias, Technology Manager, SONDA Chile, said: “Dell Technologies solutions allow us to complement three fundamental pillars: technology, price and requirements. Having this added value for our clients in the development of new businesses has been perfect and well received.”

SONDA now possesses the potential of becoming more agile and adaptable with the ability to guide its clients to make the transformations required by the changing work place, which has also given it greater competitiveness in the industry and better positioning with a faster service, creating more capacity and generating further growth.

In this way, it has reached more businesses and has been more easily integrated into strategic conversations with customers.

The incorporation of Dell EMC PowerStore and Dell EMC VxRail

The COVID-19 pandemic came to accelerate the Digital Transformation that organizations in the region were undergoing.

This situation began to bring to SONDA’s business demands to the fore that required solutions with new levels of security, versatility, quality, speed, energy and space savings and even data management and hosting.

To achieve this, SONDA decided to incorporate new technologies for its infrastructure: Dell EMC PowerStore and Dell EMC VxRail.

The two solutions, which have become an essential part of SONDA’s projects, are available to the 10 countries that the integrator serves in Latin America. From Mexico to Chile, including Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina and Brazil, where major projects are under development.

The joint work that has been carried out with Dell Technologies and the SONDA teams designated for each country has allowed the company to design and implement technologies with a great impact on the development of organizations and societies throughout the region.

In addition, it has modified the approach to cater for the various business cycles, considering the differences in each country.

Elías Riveros, Regional Manager of Alliances, SONDA, said: “Being a partner of Dell Technologies has meant providing efficient and innovative solutions, as well as facilitating the success of complex and challenging businesses for SONDA.”

The revolutionary architecture

The revolutionary architecture of Dell EMC PowerStore was one of the main attractions for SONDA, whose storage services operate from its own data center with Dell EMC PowerStore. It decided to update the company’s infrastructure with this solution.

The addition of Dell EMC PowerStore to its portfolio came at a time when customers were looking for higher performance and capacity at a reasonable cost, for clients of any size.

Having a high-end storage solution that is extremely robust in terms of agility, capacity, functionality and efficiency, allows the company to operate in increasingly demanding production environments, which ultimately translates into achieving higher levels of satisfaction, both for SONDA and for its customers.

In some countries such as Peru, Argentina and Uruguay, those customers who had Dell VNX have been upgraded to Dell EMC PowerStore 500, because it provides important improvements and significantly improves the user experience.

It is worth noting that Dell EMC PowerStore’s innovative family of All-Flash data storage devices offers an intelligent and adaptable data-centric infrastructure that transforms and mobilizes traditional and modern SONDA workloads.

Another advantage highlighted by SONDA is the ease of integrating Dell EMC PowerStore with platforms based on agile applications, containers, virtualized with VMware and managed with industry standard databases, obtaining the most appropriate technological tool to address their Digital Transformation projects in a centralized and efficient way

Transforming hyper-converged infrastructure

Customers often look for hyper-convergence to be tied to VMware, and with Dell EMC VxRail, SONDA has made sure it can meet that demand, thanks to the relationship that has always been maintained between VMware and Dell Technologies, thus achieving the perfect integration.

Víctor Ladrón De Guevara, Senior Consultant for Regional Business Development, SONDA, said: “Currently, one of the biggest challenges is to have a platform that allows us to integrate processing capacity, storage and security in a deeper way than traditional.

“In this sense, Dell EMC VxRail HCI technology has facilitated the growth and acquisition of new business in sectors where the company has a focus, such as mining, government and banking. We have dozens of successful projects that have more than 250 nodes in our clients’ facilities and in SONDA’s data centers.”

The synergy that has been built between the two companies has led SONDA to be a Titanium partner of Dell Technologies at a regional level, obtaining this category in 10 countries, that is, an expert in technology, a strategic ally that helps understand and solve business problems.

Both SONDA and Dell Technologies base their business strategy on prioritizing the needs and challenges of their customers. To successfully carry out a project of this magnitude together, it is essential to develop a harmonious approach and share a vocation for delivering solutions and outstanding services.

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