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Digital Ware selected by the Ecuadorian specialty hospital Axxis

Digital Ware selected by the Ecuadorian specialty hospital Axxis

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Axxis Specialty Hospital in Quito, Ecuador, has partnered with Digital Ware to implement a new integrated health information system.

The contract aims to build a hospital that leverages new technologies to enable transformation in healthcare, patient experience, staff management, operations management and technological hospital design.

Jorge Cote, President and CEO, Digital Ware, said: “We will work with one of the most outstanding institutions in Ecuador in an impactful challenge for this year, to create a technological hospital.”

Dr Antonio Naranjo, Director, Axxis Hospital de Especialidades, said: “This implementation will allow us to achieve operational efficiencies, improve patient and staff experience, resulting in quality healthcare with timely and accurate information. We will create a culture of Digital Transformation and get ready for the long term for new technologies that are constantly evolving.

“After months of vendor analysis, we chose Digital Ware for this important technology transformation project, confident that we will take firm steps towards our goal.”

The alliance between Axxis Hospital de Especialidades de Ecuador and Digital Ware is part of an internationalization model. The goal is to take technological tools offered by the company to different countries, understanding the particularities of each one and their local economies, and thus promoting the training of allies to help people through technology, besides selling products.

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