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Embratel partnerships with Broto to commercialize solutions for agribusiness

Embratel partnerships with Broto to commercialize solutions for agribusiness

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Embratel announces a partnership with Broto for commercializing Campo Conectado (Connected Field). The service aims to increase connectivity and enable innovation in agribusiness, providing 5G, 4G, CAT-M and NB-IoT mobile coverage.

By installing antennas, Campo Conectado takes the mobile network inside the rural property, allowing access and use of the most modern technologies for the sector. The solution is already available in Broto, the digital ecosystem of Banco do Brasil and BB Seguros, created to help the sector expand its business.

The agreement reinforces the rural connectivity category of the platform, which also has advantages for contracting the solution, providing the rural producer with easy access to credit and services from Banco do Brasil and BB Seguros.

Marcello Miguel, Executive Director of Marketing and Business, Embratel, said: “With Campo Conectado, Embratel aims to take agribusiness to the next level of digitalization. The purpose is to make operations more intelligent, efficient and sustainable to accelerate the country’s development.

“We will enable the connectivity ecosystem for rural producers to explore all the possibilities and emerging technologies that will increase productivity in the field. Some of them are Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) for communication between machines, data analysis for decision making and cloud computing.”

According to the executive, the partnership with Broto will further leverage Embratel’s initiatives in the field to build an effectively connected environment.

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