Appliances specialist in Chile increases productivity by 30% with Infor WMS

Appliances specialist in Chile increases productivity by 30% with Infor WMS

Mosaico implements Infor software to support its constant growth.

Infor, the industry cloud company, has announced that Mosaico, a leading specialist in kitchen and bath appliances in Chile, has great results with the implementation of Infor WMS warehouse management system. The software solution was sold and implemented by Cerca Technology, Infor´s strategic partner in the distribution sector.

Mosaico has been experiencing constant growth and, in late 2019, the company opened a new distribution center of more than 107,639 square feet. To manage the center efficiently, Mosaico needed a robust WMS to support forecasted growth and a scalable solution.

Ricardo Carrasco, Operations Manager, Mosaico, said: “We had previously implemented a WMS system that had not fulfilled our needs, but as Infor WMS is a world-class system recognized by Gartner, it helped us make the decision. Cerca Technology know-how helped us to implement Infor WMS successfully.”

Go-live was during the COVID-19 pandemic and, even though uncertainty was constant, Cerca Technology carried out a remote implementation method, so tests could be carried out and enabled Mosaico to go forward despite lock-down.

The small number of requests at the beginning of the pandemic turned out to be an opportunity to test the systems and ensure WMS was operating fine. In the second semester when normal activities returned, it was essential to have it operating well as there was significant growth in sales.

“Infor WMS enabled us to manage our operations from end to end, and we can now say we use it 100% thanks to Cerca´s experience during the implementation, first focusing on major issues and then incorporating value-added processes,” said Carrasco.

For many companies, the COVID-19 pandemic was a great financial challenge, adapting to changes, reinventing the organization and Mosaico was no exception.

Before the pandemic, just one or two logistics purchase orders per month originated from e-commerce, but by June 2020, Mosaico was fulfilling more than 300 orders monthly and, by the end of the year, this had increased to 3,000 orders, especially during Cyber Days and Black Friday. Infor WMS helped Mosaico adapt to new situations and face market needs successfully.

Isabel Chaparro, Process and IT Manager, Mosaico, said: “The company has now integrated all platforms and systems, improving customer experience and our e-commerce channel.

“With new WMS technology, we are confident we can continue growing as operation processes have been optimized, and we can meet company goals.”

According to Mosaico, results after implementing Infor WMS include:

  • 30% increase in picking productivity
  • 20% increase in reception productivity
  • 98.5% inventory accuracy
  • 3% improvement in service quality
  • 100% inventory visibility
  • 20% better customer satisfaction
  • 100% better decision making
  • 100% better administrative processes

Another advantage is the automatization of key processes such as reception and warehousing, consolidation, reorders, selection tasks, picking and inventory accuracy.

Wilson Ortiz, Professional Services Manager, Cerca Technology, said: “While many companies decided to freeze investments and stop projects, Mosaico decided to strengthen its core business, enhancing operations in the distribution centers, implementing a remote methodology and preparing business to reactivate with the economy and continue to grow. Mosaico has a great project team, and implementation was done in a convenient and transparent way for business.”

Alberto Costoya, Senior Channel Account Manager, Infor Chile, said: “Infor has deep industry experience and understands complexities faced by companies such as Mosaico. Infor WMS in the cloud provides unique functionalities to obtain inventory visibility, accuracy in orders and optimize all services, improving speed in operations, and supporting multi-channel sales to support Mosaico’s continuous growth.”

About Mosaico

Mosaico SA is a Chilean company with 30 years of experience, its main objective is the development and marketing of products for the conduction of water and gas, such as bathroom and kitchen faucets, bathroom accessories, shower accessories and plumbing products. The experience in the market and its trajectory have allowed Mosaico to establish itself not only as a leader in the Chilean market, but also as a relevant player at the Latin American regional level.

Mosaico has also been able to develop a wide range of products in Chile for the retail segments, hardware stores, construction companies, sanitation companies and institutional clients.

About Infor

Infor is a global leader in business cloud software products for companies in industry specific markets. Infor builds complete industry suites in the cloud and efficiently deploys technology that puts the user experience first, leverages data science and integrates easily into existing systems.

Over 65,000 organizations worldwide rely on Infor to help overcome market disruptions and achieve business-wide Digital Transformation.

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