Positivo Servers & Solutions presents a portfolio of servers optimized for 5G

Positivo Servers & Solutions presents a portfolio of servers optimized for 5G

With more than 30 models, the new line has customized solutions for different applications and installation environments.

5G started to be implemented in Brazil in July 2022, and an essential ally in this adoption process is Edge Computing. Besides delivering faster and more stable services, it will reduce network costs, increase availability and real-time monitoring, expand control over the movement of sensitive data, and improve the security and efficiency of operations in various segments. 

To help companies make better use of all these benefits, Positivo Servers & Solutions presents a complete portfolio of servers for Edge Computing and 5G. It has more than 30 models that work as a kind of satellite of the data centers, allowing the information processing to happen much closer to the user or the data source itself.

Silvio Campos, CEO, Positivo Servers & Solutions, said: “With networks capable of connecting hundreds of devices with greater signal stability, high transmission speeds, and very low latency between sending and receiving data, many of the new applications and services enabled by 5G will demand Edge Computing. It can be adopted by virtually every industry, including telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, transportation, utilities, monitoring and security services and others.”

Among the highlights are the models SuperServer E100-12T-E and SuperServer E403-9D-16C-IPD2. The first is a compact one for general use, with a volume of only 11 liters, which can be installed in environments with extreme temperature conditions (-30 ºC to 50 ºC), exposed to vibration and high humidity, and is recommended for industrial environments and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The second has a specific application and format developed for installation directly on the structure of 5G antennas. Therefore, it has a robust chassis with an IP65 degree of protection, which allows installation in external environments and exposure to bad weather, such as rain and dust. In addition, it supports installing multiple network interfaces for high-speed network access and installing up to 3 GPUs or FPGAs for hardware acceleration.

According to Ana Paula Daufenbach, Product and Development Manager at Positivo Servers & Solutions, investments in Edge Computing should intensify significantly in the coming years and there is no turning back.

“We expect that 5G will accelerate the advancement of Digital Transformation in Brazil, contributing to the integration of different technologies that include Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, automation, Industry 4.0, IoT and Smart Cities, with a focus on increasing the competitiveness and efficiency of companies,” said Daufenbach.

Another advantage of Edge Computing is that each segment can enjoy different benefits, depending on their needs.

“Positivo Servers & Solutions offers equipment ranging from traditional and highly configurable form factors for installation in data centers to compact form factors with low consumption, optimized for IoT/embedded solutions, for installation inside the customer environment,” said Campos.

A typical example of the benefits of the technology is its application in industry, by controlling the consumption of supplies and monitoring production lines in real-time using IoT sensors.

In addition to avoiding interruptions in the production line and increasing the efficiency of the operation, another advantage is the savings provided by processing the entire volume of data collected, preventing the transmission of information from a distant data center.

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