Infobip survey presents a growth scenario in the use of chatbots

Infobip survey presents a growth scenario in the use of chatbots

The Panorama Mobile Time/Opinion Box Survey on Mobile Messaging shows that at least 89% of users of WhatsApp and other apps used virtual assistants in the last year.

Messaging apps have been gaining more and more prominence among Brazilian consumers. According to thePanorama Mobile Time/Opinion Box Survey on Mobile Messaging, developed in partnership with Infobip, a global omnichannel communication platform, the adoption of messaging apps has grown exponentially between 2018 and 2022.

The survey shows that messaging apps are effective communication channels between consumers and brands.

Of the total, 81% of participants said they communicate with companies and brands via WhatsApp, 66% via Instagram Direct, 54% via Telegram and 52% via Facebook Messenger.

Yuri Fiaschi, Global VP of Strategic Projects and Business Development, Infobip, said: “This phenomenon is related to the improvement of the use of chatbots and virtual assistants among companies from different segments. With the technological evolution we have witnessed in recent years, it has become possible for entrepreneurs to easily create their chatbots, using tools such as Answers, for example.”

The study also highlighted the popularization of chatbots in the consumption journey of Brazilians.

In this regard, WhatsApp stands out since it inaugurated its API for companies and has established itself as the main channel for automated service among the analyzed apps. Also, 89% of respondents who are in the habit of using WhatsApp said that they have already been assisted, through the application, by a commercial bot.

Among the purposes of messaging using the virtual assistant are clearing up doubts and requesting information (80%), receiving technical support (72%), receiving promotions (52%), and buying products and services (56%). WhatsApp also appears as the most popular tool among consumers, with 99% adoption among those surveyed. Next come Instagram Direct (86%), Facebook Messenger (70%), Telegram (65%) and Signal (12%).

Fiaschi added: “In recent years, we have seen significant advances in the implementation of chatbots, but we have observed with this study that there are challenges to overcome in the search for total satisfaction of end-consumers. A great ally in this work is the humanization of chatbots through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. With this improvement in automated communication platforms, Brazil has the potential to reach an even higher level of satisfaction.”

Telegram on the rise

Although it is not yet the number one choice among Brazilians, a study shows that Telegram continues to grow in the country but at a slower pace than in previous surveys. In one year (from August 2021 to August 2022), the use of the app increased from 53% to 65% among national smartphone users. It represents a 12% increase in comparison.

The number of users who open the app daily also increased from 25% to 28%. If added to those who do it ‘almost every day’, it is 50%, a 4% increase from the previous survey in February of this year.

“Something that may explain this great adherence to Telegram is the possibility of using ‘channels’ – groups controlled by creators for ‘broadcast’ communication – a feature that is non-existent in competing apps. However, it is possible to notice that most users search for information, and the user base is more concentrated on individuals, with less penetration by companies,” explained Fiaschi.

About Infobip

Infobip is a global communication platform that connects businesses to innovative consumer experiences at scale throughout the customer journey, using each favorite channel. The company has its customer service and chatbot solutions with scalable cloud technologies, as well as working with the leading messaging apps in the market, such as WhatsApp, RCS, SMS and Facebook Messenger.

It has offices on six continents and strategic partnerships with the largest telecommunications groups, ensuring integration and perfect delivery. Always seeking to innovate, Infobip promotes a philosophy that puts the client’s business first. The company is a trusted provider for thousands of customers around the world. They work locally in 190 countries, with more than 600 partner operators, to gain even more knowledge about the messaging markets.

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