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Wine accelerates application development with Semantix’s SDI on AWS Marketplace

Wine accelerates application development with Semantix’s SDI on AWS Marketplace

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With Semantix’s SDI on AWS Marketplace, Wine, a wine subscription club, reduced application development time by 50%.

Semantix, the first integrated SaaS data platform in Latin America and Brazil and a pioneer in Deep Tech on Nasdaq, developed the Semantix Data Integration (SDI) solution on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. SDI simplifies integrations and automates processes, is flexible and scalable and allows for the rapid correction of every potential fault.

The success story that exemplifies the partnership between Semantix and AWS with the SDI solution is Wine, a wine subscription club that reduced application development time by 50%.

SDI is a modern and robust integration platform for large operations. The tool provides project customization as needed, real-time flow monitoring and quick error correction. The solution allows complex integrations with just a few clicks and connects any system, such as AWS Marketplace, with agility and scalability to grow businesses. SDI accelerates application development by up to 70%.

The ease of deployment of AWS cloud infrastructure, economies of scale and a culture of innovation drive cost savings that make AWS a key partner for technology services and products companies like Semantix.

Wine benefits from Semantix’s SDI and the AWS platform

Throughout its more than 12-year history, Wine has built its brand on technology and innovation. Aiming to create an application that connects users to the platform to improve customer experience and retention, it was necessary to structure a project that would support a scalable and high-performance API architecture, provide good data flow management, allow for connectivity of the entire ecosystem with the application and enable the consumption of data from different points in the chain.

With SDP API Management, developed and managed by Semantix and applied on AWS Marketplace, it was possible to run APIs in an easy, agile and secure way. The platform includes tools that make it easy for the Wine team to authenticate APIs and SDKs, which facilitates creating this and other projects. 

The company has developed and launched APIs in record time. The launch of the new application, which would have taken six months without the solution, was fully integrated into the ecosystem in just three months, a 50% reduction from the forecast.

Clayton Freire, CTO, Wine

Clayton Freire, CTO, Wine, said: “An API that would take more than a week to build now takes one or two days with SDI. The gain in speed in building integrations was immense, and the high level of innovation in the solution led the project to success.” 

André Frederico, General Manager for Latin America, Semantix, said: “Semantix contributed to the team’s gain and productivity and the acceleration of a strategic project for Wine. Through AWS Marketplace, combined with SDI, the company has further improved the practical experience of its purpose: connecting people through a passion for wine.”

Strategic impact

Regarding the strategic impact that the implementation of Semantix’s SDP API solution had on Wine, Frederico said: “Semantix’s solution optimized other API solutions from Wine and allowed us to build a scalable, high-performance technology architecture that supports integration with dozens of other systems. It contributed to the team’s gain and productivity and accelerated a strategic project for Wine: Our application facilitates the connection between consumers and our platform, ultimately enhancing customer experience and promoting retention.”

In addition, this technological implementation allowed access to new changes and future improvements to increase business productivity.

Frederico explained: “Semantix’s solution is very ‘dev-friendly,’ as we say at Semantix when a platform is easy for developers to use, they always monitor API performance to act preventively.”

Integration with the production system

“With SDP API Management, we achieved good data flow management, enabling connectivity of the entire ecosystem with the application and allowing data consumption from different points. We migrated all integrations to the SDP API Management platform, obtaining centralized control and security management and correcting errors much faster,” added Frederico. 

The launch of the new app, which was supposed to be in six months, was fully integrated into the ecosystem in just three months, with a 50% reduction in the expected time. Additionally, the app’s launch further enhanced the practical experience of the company’s purpose, which, according to Freire, is ‘Connecting people through a passion for wine!’

Finally, the application opens doors to new technological perspectives that will open up new interaction models. Frederico concluded: “We will undertake projects related to emerging technologies such as blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.”

About Wine

The company was founded in 2008 by Rogério Salume and Anselmo Endlich. Wine was successful from the beginning, and in the first year, it already had 14,000 customers, which meant the sale of more than 250,000 wine bottles. What began as a traditional wine sales company expanded by revolutionizing the industry. In 2010, the Wine subscription club started.

Thus, what was only a competitive advantage in the market turned out to be the crucial differential of the company.

Currently, Wine is the largest subscription club in the world. The company states: “We celebrate our history and honor our legacy, always seeking to simplify the wine world in Brazil. What matters to us is being with customers in all their moments, offering the best of life.”

Wine is a retail company dedicated to the sale of wines and sparkling wines. It operates through a subscription club and an omnichannel wine e-commerce platform.

In this way, Wine covers, for example:

• E-commerce (Wine and Vinho Fácil)

• B2B (bars, restaurants and hotels)

• Physical stores

• Events.

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