The Court of Justice of Pará maximizes IT services performance and efficiency with Dynatrace platform

The Court of Justice of Pará maximizes IT services performance and efficiency with Dynatrace platform

Dynatrace platform offers observability and intelligent analysis to facilitate the identification of faults and overcome the challenges of managing IT applications complexity.

The Court of Justice of Pará (TJPA, in Portuguese) has chosen Dynatrace, a leading software intelligence company, to maximize the performance and experience of its digital services for employees and citizens. 

With the automatic and intelligent observability of Dynatrace, the TJPA now has a new opportunity to manage in real-time and with precise insights all applications and resources of the technology environment, contributing to the optimization of analysis, queries and deliveries made on systems.

Ranked as the most transparent court in Brazil by the National Council of Justice (CNJ, in Portuguese) in 2021, the TJPA is considered one of the most modern in the country. 

There are over 6,000 workstations and 500 servers, as well as various communication, collaboration and email applications running in local and multi-cloud environments, working to handle an average of 300,000 sentences every year. 

“Any downtime means delays for judges, lawyers, prosecutors and the public,” said Diego Leitão, IT Secretary, TJPA.

“In recent years, we have carried out extensive modernization and expansion of the Judiciary IT infrastructure, but the inclusion of new applications and equipment has only reinforced a major challenge that digitization has brought us, which is the ability to keep up with and improve the performance of our resources and, especially, ensure maximum availability of our main system, the Electronic Judicial Process (PJe, in Portuguese),” said Leitão. 

“To deal with this set of applications and devices, implementing Dynatrace was essential. We evaluated some alternatives, but the truth is that the Dynatrace platform offered us much more intelligence and observability.”

For this reason, Leitão emphasizes that the project was pretty quiet, without any impact on user routine. “We had the full support and quickly managed to put the process into practice. And the result could not be better: We were able to reduce instability and interruptions, substantially increasing the satisfaction of professionals and citizens who use our services.”

Through its continually updated Artificial Intelligence (AI) based mechanism, the Dynatrace platform enables real-time end-to-end monitoring of all applications used by the technology department of the TJPA, offering precise insights into the performance of all resources and their impact on the experience of internal and external customers. 

Arilson Galdino da Silva, Technical Support Coordinator, TJPA, said: “Before this step, we had no visibility to identify the roots of instability or failures. Everything had to be solved manually. The situation changed a lot with Dynatrace, as the tool delivers automatic and accurate reports that help us optimize the environment.”

It is worth noting that with the help of Dynatrace, TJPA has been able to reduce the number of instability or service interruption events by more than 60% since the beginning of 2022, with a 70% reduction in the number of application errors and a 45% reduction in the time required to resolve any inconsistencies – leading to an average 12% increase in user satisfaction levels, analyzed daily.

With Dynatrace, the TJPA team can rely on automatic end-to-end observability, which tracks software components, hardware, cloud, microservices, codes, user access and everything that is part of or interacts with the system. Therefore, finding any inconsistencies and being able to fix them quickly helps maintain reliable and efficient systems. 

Fernando Mellone, Director for the Public Sector, Dynatrace Brazil, said: “Observability is the ability to measure the internal states of a system, and Dynatrace can track changes, alterations and inconsistencies to indicate conditions and problems in environments. In this way, we enable any organization to master complexity and find points for improvement in its IT infrastructure or using the cloud for applications and data storage.”

Also, Dynatrace identifies the root cause of anomalies and diagnoses them with Davis, an AI mechanism at the core of the platform that delivers precise answers and intelligent automation. 

“A broad and in-depth view of the environment eliminates problems that affect users and helps create more productive workflows, with an automatic correction that eliminates the need for human technical support to eliminate inconsistencies and solve problems,” said Mellone.

The platform monitors results and offers the ability to predictively analyze the principal indicators of services that are part of the ecosystem, anticipating what can optimize the performance of applications delivered to users. 

“Dynatrace was a game-changer, as it enables us to identify if a particular instability is occurring and in which part of the infrastructure it is. It was important because we took this opportunity to other tribunals and are certainly moving towards much more agile and reliable services for people. With the solution, we have visibility and can quickly resolve any intercurrence. Society wins! It is the judge who was able to deliberate a release order or a precautionary measure against an urgent medical procedure and can provide the service to the ones waiting,” concluded Leitão.

About Dynatrace

Dynatrace exists to make all software work perfectly. Its unified software intelligence platform combines vast and deep observability and continuous security of runtime applications with the most advanced AIOps, which provides intelligent answers and automation from data. 

It enables teams to modernize and automate cloud operations, deliver software quickly and more securely, and ensure unparalleled digital experiences.

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