CPQD and MilSênior develop decentralized healthcare data solution

CPQD and MilSênior develop decentralized healthcare data solution

Blockchain and decentralized digital identity technologies are the foundation of a pioneering healthcare project developed by CPQD in partnership with MilSênior, a technology and innovation hub of the MedSênior group, with the support of EMBRAPII.

The principal result of the project was the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of a Blockchain-based data platform that includes patient health information and aims to facilitate secure data sharing and portability between different healthcare institutions.

To achieve this, MilSênior intends to encourage the adoption of other participants in the new solution, which was internally tested for three months by the group healthcare provider.

Thiago Maia, Leader of Health Technology and Operations, MilSênior, said: “The differential of this project is in validating the solution in a real environment, using the operator as the first case. But this is a public interest initiative focused on improving user care, and that is why the idea is that other organizations also participate.”

Maia explained that recording data on a Blockchain network is essential for the healthcare provider to understand reality, thanks to the availability of reliable, real-time and structured information.

“This avoids disparities and waste in the provision of healthcare services, as well as contributing to more assertive decision-making,” concluded Maia.

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