Business School has the answer to automate roll call

Business School has the answer to automate roll call

Dahua Technology met the demands for video monitoring and physical connectivity/security solutions needed by the Link School of Business in Brazil.

Dahua Technology, a global expert in intelligent AIoT solutions and electronic security, in partnership with systems integrator Incentel Sistemas, met the demands for video monitoring and physical connectivity/security solutions of Link School of Business, a Business School that offers a bachelor’s degree in administration with an emphasis on entrepreneurship. 

The first class started in August 2020 and the school receives approximately 100 new students every semester at its two campuses, both located in the South Zone of São Paulo, Brazil.

With a completely innovative educational approach, the institution uses Dahua’s high technology for various current and future purposes, such as utilizing data and information generated by the video monitoring platform for knowledge, behavior analysis and facial recognition.

The technology also promotes greater interaction between its campuses in other countries (Palo Alto in the US, Tel Aviv in Israel and Berlin in Germany) to expand connections with the best universities worldwide. Additionally, the technology is currently used to address physical security needs.

One example is the use of cameras to manage the entry and exit of students, teachers and staff, read license plates and count the number of students in the classroom, eliminating traditional roll calls that can consume approximately 10 minutes of each class.

According to José Carlos Dias da Silva, Director of Incentel Sistemas, the technology company responsible for the project, in one academic year, this improvement is equivalent to 18 days of teaching, solely by eliminating roll call during classes.

Álvaro Schocair, CEO and Dounder, Link

Álvaro Schocair, CEO and Dounder, Link, said: “Every time we bring together hardware, software and data, we need to prove that all of it works together. Link is a space for fostering innovation, technology and places strong emphasis on practicality. One of our pillars is the relationship between theory and practice, with practical hands-on experience carrying significant weight.”

“Here, we train business owners and have a strong connection to the job market. With technology, we do the same; we put everything to the test and evaluation. We are a true testing ground for disruptive companies like Google, Microsoft and others,” said Schocair.

The CEO believes that with a new video monitoring, connectivity and security platform, the school will have access to a wealth of data. 

“From there, we can explore this in many ways. We can use technology for analyzing the behavior of students and staff; we can create a data hub and content segmented by subject, class, teacher, marketing concepts, or business, etc. Ultimately, with secure access to information, we can explore a multitude of resources to improve communication, interactivity and visibility of what happens in our ecosystem,” said Schocair.

The project

The project, initiated in November 2021, gave rise to the solution ‘Linkface’, which involved the implementation of an intelligent facial recognition system using cameras powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as facial terminals, interactive whiteboards and displays. It also included software solutions for license plate reading and embedded intelligent facial recognition software from the manufacturer Dahua Technology.

Between the two campuses, 30 cameras equipped with AI technology were installed to monitor student attendance within the classroom environments. Additionally, monitoring and security cameras were installed in common areas and access points.

There were several challenges to overcome in the project due to the disruptive layout of some classrooms, ensuring that all vantage points were covered by the cameras, which led to an expansion of the initial scope.

Incentel developed Linkface and integrated it with Lyceum, the academic software used by the college. After students enter the classroom, Linkface verifies their presence every three minutes. If the student’s attendance in the class exceeds or is equal to 80% of the total duration, their presence is recorded. Once the absence is registered in Lyceum, students receive a notification through the application regarding their attendance status.

Each campus generates 25,000 records per hour, and all captured information is carefully stored, ensuring the effectiveness of the records and information in case of doubts or legal requirements.

“The system has been operational for a year, and the advanced technology of Dahua cameras with deep learning methodology (Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence) has been able to differentiate even identical twins due to its high accuracy,” said José Carlos Dias da Silva, Director of Incentel Sistemas.

In 2022, Incentel Sistemas was recognized by Dahua Technology as a prominent partner in the development and integration of AIoT solutions.

About Link School of Business

Link School of Business is an institution that breaks paradigms and is supported by Bravia ImpactAsset, an investment management company with an entrepreneurial DNA that focuses on sectors beyond financial returns, generating positive impact in environmental and social areas. 

Link was born from the dream of educating the best entrepreneurs in the country and it has evolved into much more than that. The college believes in education as an essential tool for Brazil’s development and sees entrepreneurs as agents of change, innovation and value creation in society.

Link is a unique bachelor’s degree college, offering Business Administration with a focus on entrepreneurship. Its teaching method is completely innovative, with a practical approach aimed at learning skills applied to the creation of new businesses, ensuring maximum proximity between the classroom and the job market.

About Dahua Technology

Dahua Technology is a global leader in intelligent AIoT solutions and services based on video and image analytics. Through technological innovations, it provides complete security systems and services to create value for operations in cities, organizations, and consumers, aiming to create a smart and secure life. Since 2007, it has also been providing Digital Signage solutions for large projects worldwide.

In Brazil, Dahua solutions and products have been installed in major projects such as São Paulo International Airport, Allianz Parque Stadium, Salvador Metro, Recife Metro and São Paulo City Hall. As a high-tech company, Dahua Technology successfully became publicly listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE: 002236) in May 2008.

In 2021, the company achieved an operating revenue of US$ 5 billion and throughout its 20 years of existence, it has dedicated approximately 10% of its revenue to Research and Development, totaling US$ 217 million in the last year. 

More than half of its 22,000 employees worldwide are engaged in R and D. With 200 offices in Asia, as well as 57 subsidiaries and representative offices covering the Asia-Pacific, North America, Latin America, Europe, and Africa, Dahua Technology has implemented its products, solutions, and services in 180 countries and regions, covering key verticals such as safe city, traffic, retail, banking, finance and energy.

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