Nexxt Infraestructura highlights the benefits of structured cabling in healthcare and education spaces

Nexxt Infraestructura highlights the benefits of structured cabling in healthcare and education spaces

Nexxt Solutions Infraestructura, a manufacturer of network infrastructure solutions, details the key advantages resulting from structured cabling in smart buildings, healthcare and education spaces – mainly focusing on shielded Category 6A S/FTP cable.

Optimized physical infrastructures are the backbone for success in a constantly evolving technological ecosystem. More than ever, organizations must adapt and evolve to keep up with the increasing reliance on real-time data.

Gustavo Valdez, Regional Territory Manager, Nexxt Infrastructure, said: “By consolidating voice, data, communication, computing, lighting, energy, security and automation into a unified IP-based physical platform, our convergence solutions aim to transform physical communities into integrated ones that will enhance productivity, quality of life and, ultimately, the user experience.”

In the case of infrastructures for smart buildings, healthcare and education spaces, Gustavo Valdez shares a series of benefits provided by using Category 6A S/FTP (fully shielded twisted pair) cable in these types of installations:

Advanced protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI):

The double-shielded S/FTP Category 6A cable features shielding on all four pairs and individual aluminum foil covering per pair, providing exceptional protection against electromagnetic interference. It is particularly critical in environments where multiple sources of interference coexist, such as medical equipment or control systems in smart buildings. The double shielding helps eliminate almost all noise, ensuring more stable and reliable communication.

Increased data security:

The additional protection provided by the shielding in the double-shielded Category 6A cabling helps prevent signal leakage and unauthorized interception of data. It is critical in environments where privacy and information confidentiality are crucial, such as educational institutions and healthcare entities.

Compliance with regulations and security standards:

The shielded Category 6A solution complies with the strictest international standards and regulations concerning safety and performance. It ensures that smart buildings, healthcare and education spaces meet regulatory requirements.


The shielded Category 6A solution supports current and future high-speed, high-bandwidth applications. Its capability to handle speeds of up to 10 Gbps allows easy adaptation to emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), automation systems and advanced data analytics.

Valdez said: “By choosing this type of cabling, organizations ensure their network infrastructure is ready to face present and future technological challenges. They should not underestimate the importance of investing in a quality network infrastructure and choosing Category 6A cabling to meet current and future connectivity demands.”

Nexxt Solutions Infraestructura offers a complete copper channel solution consisting of cables, patch panels, patch cords, faceplates and keystone jacks in shielded Category 6A, meeting performance standards for 10GBASE-T, including Alien Crosstalk parameters and is suitable for high-complexity projects in converged networks.

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