The benefits of remotely managing a UPS using software

The benefits of remotely managing a UPS using software

The administration and monitoring of power systems have become crucial tasks to ensure efficient and reliable operation of computer equipment. One of the most versatile tools for managing an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is specialized software.

ForzaTracker is free software that helps you monitor various Interactive and Online UPS models from the Forza family, including SL, FX, XG, Atlas, EOS and Zeus series. It is compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac OS operating systems and can work through a Local UPS connection, LAN or Internet.

The software can provide real-time detailed information about the UPS status, such as current load, battery charge level, lost connection, temperature and other relevant metrics. It allows system administrators to constantly monitor and complete the visibility of the UPS, facilitating early problem detection and informed decision-making. Through ForzaTracker, automatic alerts and notifications can be sent to administrators whenever any uncommon event or condition occurs.

For example, the software will alert the user if the UPS load exceeds a predefined limit or if there is a failure in the main power. It enables a quick response and helps minimize downtime and potential equipment damage.

Now, it is possible to manage multiple UPS units from a centralized location, which is particularly beneficial in environments with multiple sites or branches. Administrators can access all the UPS units from a single interface, simplifying management and reducing the need to go to each location. Centralized management also allows for more efficient and consistent configurations across all UPS units.

You can monitor:

  • Input and output voltage
  • Input and output frequency
  • Battery capacity
  • Battery backup time
  • Operating temperature

Moreover, the software includes tools for planning and scheduling activities. Administrators can schedule regular battery tests, power failure simulations and controlled shutdowns to assess the UPS performance, ensuring optimal operation. It helps prevent unpleasant surprises during an actual power outage and provides valuable data for decision-making regarding maintenance and infrastructure upgrades.

It includes:

  • Automatic shutdown
  • ECO mode activation
  • Bypass activation
  • Reconnection mode
  • Battery status check

The remote management of a UPS through ForzaTracker offers many other benefits to ensure the reliability and efficiency of computer systems. From cost reduction and reporting to remote access, the software provides administrators with the necessary tools to make informed decisions, minimize downtime and maximize operational efficiency.

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