Brazil is the country third most affected by data leaks

Brazil is the country third most affected by data leaks

In addition to leaks, cyberattacks are increasingly common in unprepared organizations. Experts point out five ways to ensure digital protection for companies.

Recently, over 100,000 thousand access credentials to ChatGPT leaked on the dark web, revealing the usernames and passwords of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology enthusiasts. In this statistic, Brazil ranks as the third country most affected by data leaks – primarily from viruses that steal data from users’ devices.

These numbers appear in a report by Group-IB cybersecurity experts highlighting the growing need for substantial investments in cybersecurity and digital security – especially in companies that deal with sensitive and confidential data daily.

In light of this scenario, experts Denis Riviello, Director of Information Security at Compugraf, a provider of cybersecurity, data privacy and compliance solutions for leading Brazilian companies, Julio Cesar Fort, Partner and Director of Professional Services at Blaze Information Security, a leading global company specializing in offensive security with a focus on penetration testing and secure development against cyberattacks and Luiz Cesar Baptistella, CEO and founder of Aoop, a leading solution for accelerating the implementation of digital services in companies, have listed five tips on how companies can protect themselves against these types of attacks and what to do when users become victims of leaks or scams.

Invest in cybersecurity as soon as possible

According to Riviello, the first factor that decision-makers must consider is that the ideal time to invest in digital security is now. Riviello said: “Neglecting this need can be too late due to the constant evolution of attacks, especially those involving Artificial Intelligence, which still lacks adequate legislation to regulate this type of service.”

Invest in employee training

As a result, companies should not only invest in equipment that promotes the security of their systems but also in the training of employees who specialize in leaks and cyberattacks. Riviello said: “The lack of training and awareness about security and the still modest investments of most companies make it much easier for virtual criminals.”

Ensure system updates

It is also essential that systems are always up to date. Riviello said: “Reinforcing and adhering to security compliances, anti-fraud systems that can validate customer habits and purchase history and analyze fraud attempts are essential to stay protected in this scenario.” 

Conduct intrusion tests

For Julio Cesar Fort, conducting intrusion tests, also known as pentests, is one of the most effective cybersecurity methods to enhance a company’s digital security. 

Fort said: “Controlled invasions, as called, are created to identify vulnerabilities within a company’s systems. With the increase in threats in the last two years, identifying blind spots in digital security can save an entire system from potential intruders, which is why this strategy has gained increasing prominence.” 

Accelerate the Digital Transformation

According to Luiz Cesar Baptistella, investing not only in solutions that protect but also in tools that aim to transform the company’s environment, making it more technological, increasingly innovative and less susceptible to Internet-based attacks could be a path for large corporations to follow.

Baptistella said: “Hyper-automation and Total Experience solutions are increasingly transforming how companies interact with their customers and employees, mainly through adopting technology-rich platforms with resources and best practices for pre-existing customer service, resolution and business processes. It allows the company to more easily detect any flaws or areas needing improvement to avoid these problems.” 

About Compugraf

Compugraf is a cybersecurity, data privacy and compliance solutions provider for leading Brazilian companies.

Specializing in GRC and ESG services, the company offers products for credential protection and management, application control, anti-ransomware, cloud security and privacy management, among other activities.

The company is the principal partner for global giants in the country, such as Check Point, CyberArk, Fortinet, Guardicore and OneTrust.

With nearly 40 years in the market and being 100% Brazilian, Compugraf brings together a team of over 100 qualified and certified collaborators who provide more secure operations for over 300 active clients nationwide, with a necessary presence in the daily routines of over 16 telecommunications operators, as well as various financial institutions and medium and large corporations.

About Blaze Information Security

Blaze Information Security is a leading global company specializing in offensive security focused on penetration testing and secure development against cyberattacks.

With experienced professional hackers on its team, the company stands out for being able to anticipate the creativity of cybercriminal strategies, delivering tailor-made, comprehensive and secure planning to its clients.

The brand has become a reference in the information security sector by serving important financial, oil, insurance, e-commerce and startup industry players.

With a global presence in countries such as Germany, Poland, Portugal and Brazil, the company is preparing to expand its presence in the North American market and other Latin American countries.

About Aoop

Aoop is a leading consultancy capable of solving the automation and acceleration of digital strategies for companies in Brazil. By helping implement process digitalization and projects intuitively and personalized, with a focus on total experience and hyper-automation, the company is one of the principal specialists in low-code platforms in the country.

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